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I like’alone drinking’ at home with Corona 19, but I take a direct bus right away

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Novel coronavirus(corona19) Refraining from meetings by social distancing due to the spread of infectious diseases and drinking alone at home SpiritsThis is increasing.

Announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety at the end of last year ‘2020Alcohol consumption surveyaccording to the result, corona19 Among those who responded that there was a change in drinking place since then 92%To the changed place Own houseI chose.

Another corona19 Among those who responded that the person drinking with him has changed since then 81%Was found to be drinking alone.. corona19 After drinking alone at home SpiritsIt is taking its place as the current of this one era..

The problem is that mixed alcohol can lead to excessive drinking. Drinking alone speeds up drinking. No one will let you stop eating, so the amount you drink can also increase. This is the reason why mixed alcohol increases the risk of fatty liver.

Fatty liver is a condition in which fat is accumulated beyond normal in the liver.. Of normal liver weight 5% If the degree is accumulated as fat, it is a normal liver.. Fat accumulation beyond that is diagnosed as fatty liver..

Fatty liver is divided into non-alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic fatty liver.. Non-alcoholic fatty liver is diabetesobesityIt is caused by hyperlipidemia. In contrast, alcoholic fatty liver is mainly due to frequent drinking.. The more often you drink too much, the higher the risk of fatty liver as fat synthesis is promoted in the liver.. Fatty liver can worsen to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in severe cases..

Organ of silenceIn many cases, the liver does not feel pain even if the function is abnormal.. Even if you have fatty liver, you don’t have a lot of pain, so most people don’t know it.. You usually feel chronic fatigue, If you experience jaundice, in which the whites of your eyes turn yellow, fatty liver may be suspected..

It is important to start abstaining from alcoholic fatty liver right away to lower and maintain liver levels.. Even if I keep drinking alcohol thoroughly 1~2Fat begins to be removed from the liver in months. mostly 3~4If you stop drinking for about a month, you may be cured.. If you follow up with regular exercise and thorough self-care, you can expect a faster recovery..

Dr. Jin-Heon Hong, Department of Internal Medicine, Seran Hospital Mixed alcohol is a drinking habit that should be avoided because the speed of drinking is fast and the amount can be increased.Saying Sometimes discomfort or fatigue in the upper right stomachIf anorexia persists, you need to see a hospital for liver function tests.Said.

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