‘I live alone’ Lee Yu-jin’s real parenting… Taking care of my nephew and draining my stamina

[뉴스컬처 권수빈 기자] Actress Lee Yu-jin reveals her mother and nephew.

MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which airs at 11:10pm on the 2nd, depicts the daily life of Lee Yu-jin as she spends ‘Family Day’ with her mother as a daughter and her lovely nephew.

The peaceful daily life of Lee Yu-jin and his family. Photo = MBC ‘I live alone’

Lee Yu-jin starts the day by cleaning the front yard of the semi-basement. You can see that a sofa and coffee table have been added to the main room of his house. In addition, he said that he had finally started cooking, and he disassembled the second-hand goods bought in the second-hand trade and placed them in the kitchen.

Lee Yu-jin goes shopping at the mart with her mother, who says, “You’re like a girl, so the three of us are cute.” Lee Yoo-jin, who has learned the fun of cooking, goes on a shopping spree and upgrades her housekeeping skills by receiving shopping tips from her mother. When one of the workers at the mart recognized him and said, “You look a lot like your mother,” he replied, “You look a lot like your mother, but you don’t have your father’s face, okay ?”

Following that, Lee Yu-jin goes to pick up his nephew, who leaves the house. Falling in love with his nephew’s lovely charm, he shows off his skills in caring for his niece with honey dripping from his eyes. However, due to the nephew’s endless and tireless energy, he is expected to bring laughter with his shattered appearance as if his physical strength is being rapidly drained.

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