I lost 4 liters doing the bomb spirits challenge… 28 ambulances were sent to the university


In the United States, content that makes and drinks a ‘liquor bomb’ is popular on social media, the University of Massachusetts has warned that a dangerous drinking culture is spreading among students.

According to the Associated Press on the 6th (local time), a number of students who drank too much at a party held near the university campus on the 4th showed symptoms of acute alcohol poisoning, and about 30 ambulances were dispatched.

According to the report, there were so many reports of drinking at the time that other agencies than the local fire department had to come to support them. Fortunately, no life threatening cases have been reported. Police said they arrested two people on charges of underage drinking.

At the party, many students were seen making a large plastic bottle full of bomb spirits and carrying it around. The drink is called ‘BORG’, which means ‘Blackout Rage Gallons’. A Vogue is completed by filling a bottle that holds at least 1 gallon (about 3.8 liters) of strong alcohol such as vodka, soft drinks, and water of your choice and then mixing them.

As of today, on TikTok, the number of views of the hashtag ‘#BORG’ recorded around 81.2 million, and it is popular among students. Netizens upload content with the hashtag, including doing Vogue, drinking lots of Vogue, and falling asleep after drinking Vogue.

The problem is that some content on TikTok and others encourages binge drinking, such as recommending that Vogue give at least 0.5 gallons (about 1.9 liters) of alcohol. According to CBS, that’s 43 portions.

The University of Massachusetts said it would conduct its own investigation into the incident, saying, “This is the first time I’ve seen so many Borgs at a college party.” The university also plans to strengthen alcohol-related education for students.

Meanwhile, Dr. George Coop of the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism told CBS that “a lot of alcohol (of the level shown in the Vogue Challenge) is fatal for most people , even if it is shared throughout the day. “It has the advantage of being hygienic,” he says. “Using a container with a lid also reduces the chance of someone putting something in the drink,” he said. He added, “Since the students make their own, they can control the amount of alcohol.”