I lost to Ghana… Kwon Chang-hoon’s girlfriend who was hit by a shoulder slap, the bad guys do it

Some netizens in Korea are complaining about the loss in the game against Ghana
From Kwon Chang-hoon’s girlfriend to Ghanaian YouTuber, ‘eyebrows’

Korean national soccer player Kwon Chang-hoon (right) and soccer YouTuber Lee Soo-nal (real name Jeong Yi-soo) are openly dating. / Photo = KBS, Yonhap News

After the Korean national football team lost the game against Ghana, some netizens are controversial by posting malicious comments to Korean players’ girlfriends and Ghanaian YouTubers.

In the second match of Qatar Group H of the 2022 FIFA World Cup against Ghana held at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar on the 28th (Korea time), Korea lost 2-3 despite Cho Kyu-seong’s multi-goal. Following this loss, Korea’s prospects for advancing to the round of 16 were bleak.

It is known that some netizens who were disappointed with the result of the game turned the arrow of criticism in the wrong direction instead of encouraging the players who suffered.

First, they rushed to the YouTube channel of soccer YouTuber Lee Soo-nal (real name Jeong Yi-soo), who is openly in love with national team member Kwon Chang-hoon, and said, “What did you you to stop your boyfriend? from being selected for the national team?” Do that and don’t play football” and so on.

Lee Soo-nal eventually blocked the comment. Lee Soo-nal, who is active as a KBS reporter for the Qatar World Cup, became a hot topic at the opening ceremony for not dropping the microphone even when seeing damage such as ‘shoulder buns’ and ‘bad hands’. the local people.

In addition, some netizens posted malicious comments on ‘Ghana Twins’ social media, YouTube, where Ghanaian twins create content that presents Korean culture. They did not hesitate to use derogatory terms for black people and commit atrocities by leaving comments like “Leave Korea.”

After the loss in the match against Ghana, many netizens urged restraint in such senseless behavior by some netizens. “What did you do when you lost football”, “It’s more embarrassing to receive bad comments than losing football”, and “You can’t see the players playing hard”.

Hong Min-seong, Hankyung.com reporter mshong@hankyung.com

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