I met “Nong Dok Mai”, a girl selling ice cream, planning to disappear from her husband. Enduring to make money to spend a hundred per day

I met “Nong Dok Mai”, an ice cream saleswoman who disappeared for 3 days. She actually planned to escape. Endure giving money to spend 100-200 per day. Not enough to send to mom.

From the case of Miss Lai or Nong Dok Mai, 27 years old, a Karen ice cream seller disappearing puzzle Only an ice cream truck was left parked on the side of the road. On May 18, 65, he learned that on May 17, 65, Nong Dok Mai called her husband saying he wanted to eat noodles. buy some Then the husband went out to buy noodles and waited in the room until evening. Nong Dokmai has not yet arrived at the room and cannot call. So the husband went looking for him until he found a car that he used to sell ice cream, parked about 10 kilometers away from the house.

Most recently, yesterday (May 19, 65) at 19.00, the police at Thung Bencha Police Station, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province reported that they had found Ms. Lai. It takes time to find clues. and traces from CCTV for up to 2 days until the clues are known Someone came to pick it up, causing the suspected car to be tracked. which is a blue pickup truck

From the initial inquiry, it was revealed that Nong Dok Mai went to live with a friend who is a woman selling noodles. The reason for the escape is to have grudges The husband gives money to use only 100 – 200 baht per day, but he has the burden of sending money to his mother who is not feeling well. but no money

So he felt that he wanted to break up with her husband. But stuck in the fact that they have a child together, aged 6 years, which their mother is currently raising. and fear that the child will not have a father But he couldn’t stand it. So thought of planning for friends to pick up. and fled without telling his relatives at all He just saw the news that everyone was trying to find. And I don’t think it will cause everyone trouble. He apologized to the society sorry everyone

Currently in the process of calling the owner of the car. The driver who picked up the flower girl came to report the allegations. because previously giving false statements with the staff until there is a follow-up or working with difficulty

Nang Noi, the elder sister of the flowers, was delighted to meet her sister. But still regret that the younger brother did this without saying a word. Thank you and apologize to all parties for causing trouble.

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