I need a quarantine pass to go to department stores and marts… Extending the distance by 2 weeks

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Hello everyone.

In 2021, we collected the news desk that aired 364 times one by one.

We tried to report the news that viewers need as informants and must-dos as social watchers.

The last, 365th news desk of this year was prepared with that attitude.

Everyone, I start the first news by saying that you have worked really hard this year.

The government has decided to extend the current social distancing by two more weeks until mid-January.

Although the number of confirmed cases is decreasing, the number of Omicron infections is gradually increasing, and it is a preemptive response to the sense of crisis that it may explode at any time.

We also decided to apply the quarantine pass to department stores and large marts.

First of all, this is reporter Lee Yoo-kyung.

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A large supermarket in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

The entrance to the store is crowded with people who come to the market ahead of the new year.

Now, anyone can use a large mart by simply checking in with a QR code.

However, starting from the 10th of next month, the quarantine pass is also mandatory here.

Department stores and large marts with an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters are also included in the quarantine pass, just like restaurants and cafes.

[권덕철 보건복지부 장관]

“(Department stores and large marts) had difficulty in access control, so the application of the (prevention pass) was initially excluded, but we took into account the continuing controversy over equity.”

To enter department stores and hypermarkets, you must present a certificate of completion of vaccination or a negative confirmation.

It will be enforced from January 10, but there will be a one-week guidance period, and from the 17th, a fine for negligence will be imposed on violators.

In the case of restaurant cafes, one person who is not vaccinated can enter, but department stores and hypermarkets are not allowed at all.

Responding to concerns about discrimination and inconvenience to those who have not been vaccinated, the government said that it is a measure to protect those who have not been vaccinated and that the quarantine pass does not apply to small supermarkets or convenience stores.

Including these measures, the government has decided to extend the current strengthening measures for social distancing, such as limiting business for 4 people and 9 p.m., for two more weeks.

The number of daily confirmed cases, which exceeded 7,000 before the start of the distance, has decreased to 4,000, and the utilization rate of critically intensive care beds, which exceeded 80%, has decreased to 66.5%. said.

[권덕철 보건복지부 장관]

“The epidemic is decreasing, but it is still in the early stages of a decline, and more than 1,000 cases of severe cases continue.”

However, the 10 p.m. business limit for movie theaters and concert halls has been removed.

You can enter until 9pm and watch movies and performances not past 12pm.

The government explained that movie theaters and theaters are wearing masks, so they have considered the low risk.

This is Lee Yoo-kyung from MBC News.

Video coverage: Jae-Hoon Han / Video editing: Ji-Young Lee

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