“I paid a lot of money to call you… ” Kim Hyun-wook, controversy over rude conduct

Korea Fashion Industry Association’ YouTube video capture.

Controversy has arisen when former announcer and broadcaster Kim Hyun-wook poured rude remarks toward dancer Noje.

Hee-wook Kim hosted the 2021 Korea Fashion Awards held at the Textile Center in Daechi-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st. Pointing to Noje, who made a surprise appearance as a model on the runway that day, he said to the audience, “There was a famous person among the models, did you notice? I spent a lot of money to sing this person, but it didn’t work. It was good,” he said.

Then, Noje said to Noje, who stood on the stage again, “I came out wearing a hat. Why did I come out wearing it? You have to come out cool when you come out, like this (with your head bowed). I came out as the first runner, but no one knew. I asked ‘Who is Noje?'” confused the

He also asked, “Have you never been a fashion model before? Did you practice walking?” and said, “How did you walk before. When Noje showed off the runway walking despite the sudden request, he walked the runway with an exaggerated gesture saying, “It’s a little different from a model, walking. It’s similar to how I walk.”

It didn’t end here. He continued the request, “Can you show me dancing for a moment to congratulate you on your arrival? It’s your major.” Kim Hyeon-wook’s progress was completed only after Noje, who could not hide her embarrassment, performed a short dance.

Kim Hyun-wook’s remarks became a hot topic in the online community and led to controversy. It is being pointed out that Noje, who appeared as a model on this day, gave embarrassment to the hat provided by the brand, evaluated and caricatured her walking, and made unreasonable demands without prior consultation.

Reporter Park Jeong-sun



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