I promoted it on social media… Kim Kardashian sued for inciting cryptocurrency speculation

# Ethereum Max promotion… Boxing star Mayweather also accused

[서울=뉴시스] Reporter Kim Ji-eun = Hollywood star Kim Kardashian, sports stars Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Paul Pearce have been charged with encouraging cryptocurrency speculation.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the 11th (local time), the California District Court has ruled that Kardashian and other celebrities may be false or misleading to the cryptocurrency Ethereum Max and related investors through social media (SNS) advertisements. He said that a complaint had been filed for making a statement. The company’s co-founders were also on the list of defendants.

Last year, Kardashian promoted a cryptocurrency called Ethereum Max on his Instagram account for advertising. Ethereum Max was one of the most talked about altcoins last year.

At the time, Kardashian said, “This isn’t financial advice, I’m just sharing what my friends have been saying about the Ethereum Max token.”

Boxer Mayweather also promoted Ethereum Max on YouTube last year, and former NBA player Pierce on his Twitter account.

The lawsuits claimed that “Ethereum Max is a speculative digital token created by a group of mysterious cryptocurrency developers,” and that celebrities tried to sell it when the price surged after celebrities told their SNS followers to buy it.

When Kardashian posted about Ethereum Max on social media, Charles Randel, the head of the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA), said, “Ethereum Max is a speculative asset created a month ago. is encouraging,” he criticized.

Ethereum Max immediately refuted these claims. A company spokesperson said: “The deceptive stories related to the recent lawsuit are full of misinformation.” Kardashian’s Instagram post said, “It was simply intended to raise public awareness of the project and its usefulness.”

Kardashian and Mayweather have yet to comment on the matter.

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