“I put 130,000 won, but it evaporated in 6 hours”… ‘Error’ on the first day when choosing Diablo 4, compensation voice


“I put 130,000 won, but it evaporated in 6 hours”… ‘Error’ on the first day when choosing Diablo 4, compensation voice

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Publication Date 2023-06-03 12:53:15

Error message that appeared when accessing Diablo 4 with PlayStation 5 around 8:00 am on the 2nd

[디지털데일리 오병훈 기자] “What happens to users who buy the very expensive edition (special edition) to play it first? Some even took holidays, how do you compensate?”

Blizzard has released a special edition of ‘Diablo 4’ at a price that is about 46-62% higher than the price of the regular version, citing the fact that you can play the new game before the official release date. However, among the new pioneers who bought this, even though they paid more, anger that they could not pay the price broke out everywhere.

On the 2nd, Blizzard held an Early Access service (Early Access) for buyers of the Diablo 4 special edition (digital deluxe edition / final edition). Buyers of the special edition can access the game four days earlier, unlike users of the regular edition, which is available from the official release date on the 6th. The purchase price for each package is 84,500 won for the regular version, 122,900 won for the digital deluxe edition, and 136,400 won for the ultimate edition.

They paid money and bought 96 hours first. However, according to various Diablo 4 official communities and forums, users of the PlayStation (PS) version suffered connection errors and were unable to access the game for half a day while the fix was being made. Buyers of the console version are almost unable to use 6 hours due to errors, etc., and voices are being raised that Blizzard should make up for it.

A screenshot of in-game ads during the Diablo 4 server slam test on the 13th of last month

A screenshot of in-game ads during the Diablo 4 server slam test on the 13th of last month

The PS platform connection error occurred around 8:00 am on the 2nd, right after the early access service was released. It was an issue that the message “Could not find a valid Diablo 4 license (Code 315306)” appeared without connecting to the game.

Immediately after the error occurred, a notification about the phenomenon was posted on the Diablo 4 official website forum. Diablo 4 community manager nicknamed ‘Oliver’ said, “Currently, PS users have confirmed that the message ‘ Unable to find a valid Diablo 4 license’ is displayed. “I will share the content as soon as possible,” he said.

At 2:00 PM on the same day half a day later, a notice was given indicating that the problem had been resolved. Manager Oliver said on the official forum, “The partners and development team have done some work to mitigate this issue.” Leave it as a comment on the post.”

In this regard, an official of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIEK) Korea said, “Immediately after the error occurred, I was contacted that the Diablo 4 development team is working on a fix, and we are working with Blizzard to find out why it happened the error. “

Some say that the development team responded quickly, but there is also an opinion that there is a need for proper compensation for special edition buyers who have invested more than 40,000 won to test it for 4 days first. It is noted that 6 hours of general game service is not a big problem, but 6 hours out of 4 days (96 hours) of early access service time, which corresponds to buying as a kind of premium concept, is a significant time. .

Regarding this, many users of the official Diablo 4 forum said, “I haven’t been able to (connect) for two hours. Responders like “I’ll only get more stressed by trying to do it first” and “Blizzard should not just apologize, but properly compensate users who have invested time and money.” However, there has been no mention of compensation for PS platform users from the Diablo 4 management team yet.

A screenshot from the official Diablo 4 website

A screenshot from the official Diablo 4 website

On the other hand, the PC was able to use the game more smoothly than the console. Compared to the infinite queue situation that occurred at the time of the previous Diablo 3 release, the waiting time has also been greatly reduced. However, reports of errors continued.

The PC version error mostly mentioned in the official Diablo 4 forum is that the Diablo 4 ‘Gameplay’ button on the platform screen is disabled and cannot be clicked even after 8:00 am, the release time.

The game is linked, but after the Diablo 4 title logo screen appeared, there were also reports that the game did not start and only the loading screen continued. After accessing the game, there was also a complaint about experiencing a phenomenon where an error window called ‘Fenris’ appeared with a sudden termination during play. In the error window, the ID of the error report was written along with the message “Explain the situation at the time the error occurred so that the development team can identify the problem.”

On the other hand, this PC/console error swapping phenomenon has commonly occurred not only in Korea but also abroad. According to ‘Game Radar Plus’, a British and American game web magazine, many local users accessing Diablo 4 via PS have experienced license access issues. Even in the PC version, phenomena like ‘error code 316719’ where the server is not working properly as users flock to it and ‘error code 7’ where the queue time is unusually long have occurred.

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