“I ran to see only Tokyo… ”National athletes’collapse’ during the Olympic cancellation

“Athletes watched only one Olympics and ran… . If cancelled, the feeling of collapse will be indescribable.”

Lee Byung-jin, head of the training headquarters of the Korean Sports Association, was worried about the impact on the athletes training on the 22nd when he heard that the Tokyo Olympics might be canceled.

Korea was expected to compete in 26 sports and 280 people at the Tokyo Olympics. Currently, 157 players in 19 sports such as men’s football, baseball, women’s volleyball, and archery have secured the right to participate. In the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in Chungbuk, which was closed due to a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and reopened on November 5 last year, 99 athletes in four sports, gymnastics, swimming, rugby and archery are training hard. Although they haven’t entered the athlete’s village, most athletes are training with sweat at their designated locations. “All athletes have been in line with their athletic life cycle in time for the Olympics. As it becomes unclear whether the event will be held, players are bound to feel anxious and anxious.”

Another official also said, “If the Olympics are canceled or postponed, the first victims will be the players.” As athletes, they have set their life’s best goal to compete in the Olympics because this opportunity will disappear. He said, “As the cause and purpose of the exercise will be shaken, the feeling of loss and collapse will increase enormously.” This can also cause real problems. Most of the national athletes are recognized as athletes by winning Olympic medals and make plans for the future, such as transforming into leaders based on this, because such career management can be disrupted. Amateurs who are directly affected by career management failures, such as career management failures, to senior athletes who may be their last chance than younger athletes who have future competitions, and to professional athletes who have a team to return regardless of the Olympics It can damage the athletes more. Even if the Olympics are postponed, the situation is the same. This is because even if the Olympics are postponed, the competition will disappear. Officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Association responded “it will not be easy” to the news that Japan will cancel the Tokyo Olympics this year and focus on hosting the 2032 Games. This is because there are many regions that hope to host the 2032 Games, including South Korea’s 2032 joint inter-Korean Olympic Games, Queensland Australia, Mumbai, India, Jakarta, Indonesia, Doha, Qatar, and Rhein-Rur, Germany. There are also opinions that the Tokyo Olympics should be delayed sequentially from the Olympics in Paris in 2024 and the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028, but there are also many variables such as the situation of the host country and public opinion.

Staff Reporter Lee Won-hong [email protected]

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