“I really don’t like the match…” Yuya Mori, who transferred to Orix, talks about the amazing absolute ace Yamamoto | Full Account

GM Fukura was also pleased, “I was relieved.

Yuya Mori, a holder who exercised FA rights from Seibu and transferred to Orix, held a joining press conference at a hotel in Osaka on the 26th. Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto reigns in the powerful pitchers who have won consecutive league titles and are the best in Japan, and are expected to form a battery next season. Regarding the existence of the “absolute ace” who had been facing him as an enemy until now, he said, “I thought I didn’t want to stand at bat as much as possible.”

At the press conference, wearing the number “4” shirt, Mori said enthusiastically, “I want to contribute to the third straight victory of the league. If possible, I want to wear a mask in every game.” GM Fukura, who presented a large contract with a total of 1.8 billion yen (estimated amount) over 4 years and acquired a “crushing catcher”, also said, “I was relieved. I told you that Mori-kun’s power was always needed. “It was I have high hopes.

I also feel the joy of leading the best pitchers in Japan. Wakatsuki’s classmate, Ishikawa who transferred from Nippon-Ham, and others are becoming rivals in the battle for the regular catcher, but “I think it will be a battle, but the meaning of wearing a mask as many times as possible in one game. If possible, I feel like wearing it in every game. I want to do it with “I’m not going to give up.

As for ace Yamamoto, who won the “four pitcher’s crowns” for the second year in a row, “I’ve talked about it in All-Star, but I think I have to communicate. (Becoming a team member) It’s very encouraging.” It seemed that they were looking forward to forming a “Strong Battery”.

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