I received vitamins, unfair oxal… Australian Korean 20s receive 48 million won


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A female college student who went to Australia on a Working Holiday and received a parcel delivery at the request of an acquaintance who became close to Australia and went to jail unjustly for being a drug offender was compensated for damages.

An acquaintance who became close in a strange place… Ask for a “vitamin product”

According to the Korea Legal Aid Corporation on the 22nd, Mr. A left for a working holiday in Australia in 2017. It was to study language and work part-time. Tired of living abroad, Mr. A met with Mr. B locally through acquaintances in order to build acquaintances with other Koreans.

Meanwhile, Mr. B returned to Korea. Afterwards, Mr. B contacted Mr. A, who is still in Australia, via Kakao Talk and said, “I run a pharmaceutical company and I send it by courier because it is too much to take.” I asked. Mr. A asked Mr. B if it was legal, and Mr. B explained that it was “a vitamin product approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

In Korea, generic drugs… Drugs containing’drug substances’ in Australia

Mr. A willingly accepted Mr. B’s request in good faith. In January 2018, it was the local airport police that waited for Mr. A, who went to the Australian airport to retrieve the package from Mr. B without any doubt. Mr. A was arrested at the scene that day for attempting to import drugs containing narcotics.

As it turned out later, the drugs sent by Mr. B were classified as illegal drugs in Australia and were banned from importation. Mr. A appealed to the Australian authorities for resentment, saying “I didn’t know it at all,” but it was not accepted. Mr. A was eventually imprisoned in the Adelaide Women’s Prison from January to August 2018.

In the six boxes that Mr. A was going to receive, 100,000 tablets of generic drugs commonly used as a treatment for rhinitis in Korea were contained. The drug was a drug that can be bought at a local pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription in Korea, but in Australia it was judged to contain a narcotic substance and was strictly controlled. Mr. A, who did not know this fact, was jailed.

Released in 7 months and returned to Korea… Law “You must pay 48 million won for damages”

Mr. A’s family in Korea appointed an international lawyer through the local Australian consulate. In addition, he submitted an article to the Blue House National Petition and appealed for solving the problem. After such efforts, Mr. A was released after seven months after receiving an unprosecution and was able to return to Korea.

During a lawsuit for damages against Mr. B, Mr. A found out that the person who actually led the receipt of the package was Mr. Kim, behind Mr. B. Daegu District Court Judge Seong-soo Kim ruled on the 22nd to compensate Mr. Kim for damages of 48 million won to Mr. Kim, who had him in prison by having Mr. A receive the parcel sent from Korea to Australia instead.

Lee Ki-ho, lawyer of the Legal Aid Corporation, who filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. A, said, “The legal system related to medicines is different from foreign countries, and unexpected accidents often occur.” It is desirable.”

Reporter Ham Min-jung [email protected]


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