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I saw my life as an American epidemiologist… “72% went to the mart within a month, 12% went to the restaurant”

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This year, due to the corona 19 pandemic, shopping streets were busy compared to previous years even during Black Friday. Chicago’s shopping street. AP = Yonhap News,

The U.S. has the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). How is an American epidemiologist living now? What is the view they see?

The New York Times looked into the lives of 700 epidemiologists.

They started going to the store to buy things again. However, even if the vaccine is available, it is expected that it will be difficult to return to daily life soon.

For reasons such as occupational characteristics, epidemiologists are more cautious about the COVID-19 virus than other Americans in general.

Of the 23 daily activities surveyed by The New York Times, behaviors performed by more than 50% of epidemiologists were buying things in stores or pharmacies (90%), receiving mail without worry (72%), meeting or walking outdoors with friends. There were only three things: work (62%).

In a non-emergency situation, 44% of them met a doctor, followed by a haircut (29%) in a beauty salon. 22% of them spent one night in a resort accessible by car.
Only 12% of them eat in indoor restaurants, and only 11% take the subway or bus. 10% of them visited the homes of friends, parents and relatives.

More than half of the epidemiologists said they would maintain their current life as cautious as they do until more than 70% of the population is vaccinated.
About 30% said that after vaccination, life will change.
Only a few epidemiologists predicted that the vaccination would be so effective that they would recover their routine next summer.
UCLA professor Carlin Mitchell predicts that “you have to settle for life with the virus,” and that it may take years.

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In the United States, the number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 a day has exceeded 200,000, showing a rapid spread. As of this day, the cumulative confirmed cases are 14.5 million, and the number of deaths exceeds 280,000.

Reporter Lee Hae-jun [email protected]

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