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A drunken woman assaults the head of her family while walking. /video = online community

This summer, on an apartment promenade, the identity of a woman in her 20s, B, who assaulted the head of his 40s and his son in front of the family was revealed.

According to a video uploaded on the YouTube foot-and-mouth disease channel on the 3rd, ‘Revealing the identity of a drunken woman in her 20s who assaulted a family head in her 40s,’ the perpetrator, woman B in her 20s, is a professional worker and works at one of the four largest accounting firms in Korea. It is reported that there is The woman’s father is a full professor at a university, and her sister is a doctor at a famous university, and the youngest daughter of an ‘elite’ family, the channel explains.

The incident occurred on the 30th of July at 10:50 pm on the promenade around an apartment complex in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. Mr. A, the father of a man in his 40s, sat on a bench with his wife, a son in middle school, and a seven-year-old daughter in kindergarten.

At the time, Mr. B offered a can of beer to Mr. A’s family, and when he was rejected, he slapped A’s son, a middle school student. After that, Mr. A stopped the woman who was trying to escape, and Mr. B spit out abusive language and assaulted Mr. A indiscriminately with a cell phone, fist, knee, etc. The incident occurred in front of the whole family, including A’s wife, son, and daughter, who were present at the scene. Mr. B also made a claim to the arriving police that ‘I was sexually harassed by Mr. A’. However, it is known that A was not able to resist strongly despite being assaulted for fear of being disadvantaged by physical contact.

Immediately after the incident, Mr. A made a sincere apology directly from Mr. B as a condition of the agreement and demanded that he bring a handwritten reflective letter, but Mr. B’s face was not shown, only Mr. B’s father came to the agreement twice. However, as criticism grew, he offered an apology text message and a settlement of 30 million won. At the time, Mr. B said, “I have been reflecting on my mistakes over the past two months, and I am so sorry that I even thought of dying. As a result, I would like to give 30 million won.”

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