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‘I should not have spoken to anyone who sold his country’; Harbhajan Singh against Aamir

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Following India’s defeat to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, the clash between former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh and Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir was big news. The two players clashed on Twitter. Aamir tweeted a mockery of Harbhajan after India’s 10-wicket defeat.

Now, Harbhajan Singh has once again come out against Mohammad Amir. Harbhajan said he should not have spoken to a cricketer like Aamir who betrayed the country for retail money and that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should take steps to educate people like Aamir.

‘I urge Imran Khan to open a school where he can learn how to talk to senior cricketers. In our country, we are taught manners. Even today, Wasim speaks with great respect to cricketers like Akram. People like him (Aamir) do not know what to talk to and he should not have reacted to the opinion of someone who sold his country, ”Harbhajan said.

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The duo started their fight after India lost to Pakistan in the first match of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. Aamir started with a provocative comment after Pakistan’s victory.

‘Indian batsmen have faced balls at 130 kmph, not Shaheen Afridi’: Matthew Hayden

Former Australian batsman and Pakistan batting consultant Matthew Hayden has said that Pakistan’s fast bowlers beat India in the T20 World Cup. Hayden said that Indian batsmen have faced only 130 kmph balls in the IPL and that is why Shaheen Afridi’s balls have been a problem for India.

‘In the first over of the match, Shaheen showed great courage to throw the Yorker at such a pace. I have seen two of the best deliveries I have seen in the last five weeks from Shaheen Afridi. “Shaheen’s courage in throwing an innings swing yorker against Rohit Sharma in Newball is commendable,” Hayden said.

Shaheen Afridi smashed the Indian openers to put India in the backfoot for the first time. In the first over, Shaheen smashed Rohit (0) in front of the wicket and in the next over, Lokesh hit Rahul (3). In the second innings, Shaheen also took the wicket of top scorer Virat Kohli (57).


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