“I shouted at the top of my voice, Mom,” the girl remembered the minute the doctor called her mother to faint before she died.

Open mind, daughter, doctor calling, mother’s condition seriously deteriorating Shout at the top of your lungs to tell your mother you love her over the phone. hope to get better In the end, no miracle revealed the saddest sentence to say omen

At 10:00 am on 25 May, 2023, Ms Wan, the daughter of the deceased And is the owner of the clip published through Tik Tok, revealed to “Khaosod Online” that her mother had a heart attack. I have had heart surgery since 5 years ago and it is blood pressure. but he came back strong until the day of the event His mother gave him to the elder next door. Called him to say he misses himself and his grandchildren. I want to hug you for the last time When I returned home, I bought a side dish and sat down to eat normally.

Open mind, daughter, doctor calling, mother’s condition seriously deteriorating Shout at the top of your lungs to tell your mother you love her over the phone.

Ms. continued. Wan that her mother was tight in her chest, that she could not sit and that she could not breathe, and her mother refused to go to the hospital at first, saying that she hugged him But he was afraid that his mother could not sleep. So I took my mother to the hospital. When I went to hospital, my symptoms were normal. able to eat, take pictures, play with grandchildren Later, he had to travel back to Bangkok to send his children. because I have to study acting I told my mother I will come back to see you again.

Ms. Wan after she went to send the younger brother less than a day. The doctor called and said Mum started breathing less. and the first call was a female doctor Then a male doctor called and said his mother was in crisis. Saying, if there’s anything, want to say to Mom, hurry to say and hurry back to mom now But on the way to travel to tell everything you’ve never told your mom in our hearts

Ms Wan said she did not usually tell her mother that she loved her. want to joke more The doctor kept telling me to talk, my mother listened and my mother heard her on the way back to her mother. The doctor didn’t hang up the phone. Tell me the steps of the treatment. What are you going to do, let them know all the time? And having told him to come in the safest way, his mother was waiting, then he said everything he wanted to say. “Did you hear me? Wait for me first. I’m about to go. I’m in a hurry. Mother waits for me first.”

Ms. Wan is also lucky that she got to the hospital in time. When he arrived, he was still looking at his face. But tears always flowed every time I said, “I’ve arrived, I’ve arrived,” he said in her ear, and while she was in the hospital, her mother’s heart stopped beating. The doctor did a heart pump. Then the doctor told him that would probably be the last time. because my mother is very tired So he went in and said to his mother:Are you very tired? If you are very tired, go to sleep and I will stand and lull you to sleep.

Ms. continued. Wan for the doctor to tell her that she wanted the treatment to be clear. Let them choose whether to continue the treatment by inserting a tube or whether to remove the mother to stop breathing and take the mother home. or he will be sent to Maharaj Hospital but he thought that he will not reach the hospital so he decided not to delete If mother is going, let her go herself. I want my mother to fall asleep on her own without removing the oxygen tube. The doctor then closed the curtain on the patient’s bed for him to be with his mother and turned on the music. until the mother died

Ms. Wan that she feels that this hospital is very good. never leaving work The whole team of doctors can understand the hearts of their relatives. Always cheering by my side, which was before my mother died, there was a sign. He sells things online. My mom always says you can do it, you’re really good, and last week, she showed her a clip that sold online. and we’ll see if you get a lot of money But then mum looked away and nodded. along with saying “No more worrying,” he was shocked, instead of being happy, but rather saying he was worried.

Ms. continued. Wan before her mother told her that she loved this dress very much. Which is only a colored shirt for 49 baht each and says “If mother is not here, give this dress to mother. and then I gave mom this bag I bought for you If Mom isn’t here, keep her for one night. Mother wants to live with father, you don’t have to keep mother for a long time. and don’t cry I must be the most beautiful In the event, I must be the most beautiful. My daughter is beautiful, I am so happy to be born with you.which is not beautiful at all This is what my mother always ordered me to lose since my father died.

The girl said that her current state of mind is very bad. because he only had one mother Since his father died, he promised himself that a mother must eat every restaurant she eats. Every Saturday and Sunday, I have to be with my mother. A mother must be able to go to every shop she wants to go to. Although in that pizza shop, my mother called it 10 baht per tray of bread, I was never ashamed that my mother gave satellites I will do my best for my father. And now he doesn’t feel overwhelmed, he just wonders why he doesn’t go home with himself like he always does.

“We don’t know. there won’t be tomorrow I won’t be able to call him tomorrow. Remember to be inspired if you have watched the clip of the day. It makes me miss my mother, I am very happy, I want to go home when my mother is with me to come home. will never regret like me Not regretting doing the child’s duty But it’s a pity he wasn’t there for us to do our duty as children,” said Ms Wan.

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I’m shouting at the top of my voice, mother 😭 #anyone please From now on, I won’t ask for anyone’s call anymore. 🥺😭

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Why doesn’t mom always come home like this? Body cuts are very precious for the day now, smile, laugh, cry for me.

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