“I sign up, I will go!” Sinking cadres are on the front line to fight the “epidemic”

“I sign up, I will go!” Sinking cadres are on the front line to fight the “epidemic”

2022-01-05 22:10:39Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network, “I’m registering!” When receiving a call from Shaanxi Traffic Control Group on the first-line anti-epidemic in the sinking community, Xi’an Highway Research Institute Co., Ltd. Wang Xingang obliged to submit an application to the organization, asking the sinking community to fight. At the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, assisting communities in carrying out epidemic prevention and control work.

In order to participate in the epidemic prevention work with peace of mind, after discussing with his lover, Wang Xingang sent the children to their parents to take care of them, and rushed to the front line at any time following the dispatch of the community. According to the organization arrangement, he reported to the nearest Jinhuiyuefu Community, Zhanghuzhai Street, Yanta District. At the inspection point, he was both a “combatant” and a “coordinator”. He took the lead in duty and duty. Every morning, he came to the work place early, set up workbenches with community workers, mobilized residents to participate in nucleic acid testing, and maintained the order of the testing sites. In order to avoid the risk of cross-infection, he shuttled between the nucleic acid testing teams to remind residents to wear masks regularly, maintain a 1-meter distance, and carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.

In addition to maintaining order, he also assists in the input of nucleic acid testing information. Sometimes when I sit for a few hours, my feet are numb, I stomped on the spot, my hands became inflexible, and he rubbed. Everyone asked him to rest for a while. He always said, “It’s okay, just work. After doing it, I feel at ease.” No matter how many hours on duty every day, he organizes the day’s work and shares his work experience with his branch’s “War Epidemic Group”, exchanges experience with his colleagues, and encourages each other.

During the closed management of the community, in order to ensure the normal life of residents, Wang Xingang took the initiative to join the community’s party members and volunteer service commandos against the epidemic. Cooperate with communities and properties to sort vegetables and distribute materials, and deliver a portion of free vegetables that are cared by the party and the government to residents’ doorsteps. When the old lady living alone received the living supplies, she said excitedly: “Young man, thanks to you, otherwise I really don’t know what to do.” Wang Xingang always asks the elderly to take care of them while leaving their phone calls and telling the elderly to leave them alone. Tell him any time you have any difficulties. His deeds and meticulous work have been well received by the community and residents, and he also shows the contemporary style and spiritual outlook of the Party members and cadres of the Traffic Control Group. A party member is a banner. Where there are difficulties and dangers, there are Communist Party members. It is precisely like Wang Xingang that thousands of party members and cadres are silently fighting and dedicated to the front line of prevention and control, building a “security wall” for the masses, making us feel warm and encouraging, and making us more convinced that we will overcome the epidemic.

Text/Picture: Luo Yan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper




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