I still contact married women and ask questions after the 4th single broadcast.

‘Holi Bodhisattva’ / Photo courtesy of KBS Joy

A performer, who is known as Young Soo in the 4th season of ‘I’m Solo’, admits his concerns about a married woman contacting her after the broadcast.

In the 183rd episode of KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’, which will be broadcast on the 19th, 41-year-old Dong-Hoon Han appears as a client.

On this day, the client decided to get married and appeared on a dating program where the public seemed to find a good relationship, but instead, began to have doubts about marriage.

This is because after appearing on the show, I received many calls from people of the opposite sex who were already married through SNS. At first, he was grateful for the praise and support he sent to himself as an ordinary person, but he was embarrassed by the message to meet in person.

In the client’s story, Seo Jang-hoon said that there was a similar story in the entertainment show ‘Love Interference’, and said, “It is said that there are many cases of sending DMs to dating program performers.”

The client wants to get married, but he is worried that the other person might have the same feelings as the people he contacted, so he asks for the help of the bodhisattvas. Lee Soo-geun analyzed, “The fact that appearing in a love program is that the client is different from ordinary people. He has the obedience,” and Seo Jang-hoon advised, “If you want to go one step further and show a more attractive side, you should do OO.” rumor has it done.

Here, the client also talked about the field he is currently planning and listened to the sincere advice of the Bodhisattvas. Youngsoo’s sincerity in the 4th season of ‘I’m Solo’ will be revealed in ‘Gofyn i Anything’, which will be broadcast at 8:30pm on the 19th.

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