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“I think I was brainwashed”… The company from’Nego King 2’turned netizens into pretense (video)

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The following YouTube’Dallas Studio’

The reaction of netizens to the convenience store’Seven-Eleven’ in’The King Nego’ is unusual.

On the 12th, the YouTube channel’Dallas Studio’ said, “The king of convenience stores has been wiped out. [네고왕2] A video titled “Ep.6” was uploaded.

In the video, Jang Young-ran visited the headquarters of’Seven-Eleven’ and looked for employees with a triangular kimbap and lunch box that he bought himself at a convenience store. When Jang Young-ran asked the employee in charge of Samgak Gimbap, “Is there a lot of toppings in the Samgak Gimbap?”, the employee replied, “There are a lot of toppings in it.”

I asked the same question to the other employee in front of me, but I’ve been giving the same answer. Then, when Jang Young-ran cut the triangular kimbap he bought himself in half and showed him the poor topping, the staff in charge said, “I think more would be better. If more,” he did not say that there were few toppings until the end.

Afterwards, when I met the staff in charge of lunchbox, Jang Youngran asked, “Have you tried the lunchbox products?” and replied, “We eat every day. We ate today.” However, when the salad behind the laptop was caught, he was suspicious.

Jang Young-ran said, “It’s pretense here.” He also said, “I was surprised when I came here. Everyone seems to have been brainwashed in the way that’Seven-Eleven is the best.’ It’s strange.”

Netizens who saw this “I know why other companies are so excited”, “Jang Young-ran really has a lot of trouble”, “If you’re going to do this, why are you filming Nego Wang? I feel that the company has no sincerity and indulged in pride”, “The corporate atmosphere is not fresh. All of them are not fresh. You look like a dead person”, “Your boss has a good expression and you really don’t want to do it” Etc. showed negative reactions.

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