I threw it in just panties, and the speed was 132 km/h… Japanese muscular man’s first pitch reversal

After undressing on the mound, wear only panties and throw the first pitch
Shake the scene with a fastball at 132 km/h

Photo = Yokogawa Naotaka’s SNS capture

A famous Japanese bodybuilder had attracted the attention of ‘clothes’ and ‘restrictions’ ever on the first pitch in professional baseball.

According to local media such as Nikkan Sports on the 21st, bodybuilder and talent Naotaka Yokokawa took the first pitch in the game between Orix and Softbank at Kyocera Dome on the 19th and climbed to the mound.

Yokokawa, who appeared wearing a plain baseball uniform, suddenly began to throw off his clothes one by one. In front of more than 30,000 spectators, wearing only panties, he posed on the mound and showed off his muscles.

After that, something more interesting happened. Yokokawa throws a fastball at 132 km/h. To the public, the ball was extremely fast, and the spectators and players on the spot were amazed.

After finishing the first pitch, Yokokawa said on SNS (Social Network Service), “I practiced so much that I got nails in my hands. I wanted to throw in the strike zone, but my dream was to stand on the mound. it was a very happy moment.”

Yokokawa is a bodybuilder who became famous by winning several competitions after coming second in the Mr. Best Physique category. in the ‘Japan’s Best Physique 2014’ competition. He is currently appearing on various television shows to make his face known.

Ji-min Jang, Guest Correspondent at Hankyung.com newsinfo@hankyung.com

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