I-Tim Calls for Scrutiny of Military Conscription Policy and Defense Criteria

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The Future of Military Conscription Policy in Thailand

In a recent interview with Mr. Parit Watcharasinthu, a member of the Kao Klai Party MPs, concerns were raised about the military conscription policy and the lack of clear criteria if it were to be abolished. Mr. Watcharasinthu discussed the need to maintain the mission of defense while making adjustments to the number of military personnel required. These adjustments would involve eliminating unnecessary parts, such as soldiers who do not perform security duties or those whose work is inconsistent with safeguarding security. Increasing the number of military applications, possibly through welfare incentives, is also a key aspect of the proposal to abolish military conscription.

There are two proposed approaches to eliminating compulsory military conscription. The first is to gradually reduce the number of conscripts through a phasing-out process, allowing the army to bridge the gap between the required numbers and those who volunteer. This approach is outlined in the National Defense Council’s Army Reform Plan 2023. The second approach involves amending the Military Service Act to ensure that there is no conscription at all during periods of peace. This would encourage more voluntary enlistment while providing clarity to the youth regarding their future plans.

The reform process for the army is expected to be challenging, necessitating a focus on improving the quality of life for soldiers. Currently, the law gives the army the power to enforce conscription, which could lead to infringements on soldiers’ quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to amend such laws to ensure the army is committed to improving the well-being of its personnel.

Regarding the government’s policy on conscription, Mr. Watcharasinthu highlighted that the Defense Minister, Mr. Suthin Klangsaeng, seems inclined towards the first approach. However, the work on forming a government is still ongoing, and there may be alternative ways to address the issue, even potentially breaking the law. The Progressive Party is willing to collaborate with the government to push for any necessary amendments. Currently, a military recruitment law has been submitted to parliament, awaiting the Prime Minister’s signature and certification. It is important to note that this bill is considered a financial law by the council.

Turning to the ACT Party’s perspective, Mr. Watcharasinthu emphasized their belief in completely abolishing military conscription through amending the law. They hope the government will agree with this approach.

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‘I-Tim’ invites you to keep an eye on the military conscription policy, defence, if it is cancelled, there are no criteria at all.

At 10:00 am on 6 September in the Senedd Parit Watcharasinthu Mr A member of the list of Kao Klai Party MPs (Kor Kor.) gave an interview about the military conscription policy of the Ministry of Defense and If the military conscription is to be successfully abolished without affecting the mission of maintaining try to adjust the numbers The amount of the workforce the military asked for it Cut out unnecessary parts, such as serving soldiers who do not perform security duties. or that some work is being reviewed in a context inconsistent with safeguarding security. And how can we increase the number of military applications? Whether it increases welfare, so the key to abolishing military conscription is to try to adjust these two parts

Mr Mae continued 2 ways to abolish compulsory military conscription, type 1. It’s called canceling the chance to win year after year. is an attempt to bridge the gap between the numbers requested by the army and those who campaigned voluntarily This is a guideline that the army has explained in the National Defense Council’s Army Reform Plan 2023, which is constantly trying to reduce this number. until at last he was able to cause no one to be forced to be conscripted into the army

Prit said that the second type is called Repeal the guarantee that there is no conscription at all is an amendment to the law, namely an amendment to the Military Service Act (Act) to make the army not have the power to recruit soldiers during a period when there is no war If so, the army will be filled with voluntary peaks. The reason why we are proposing this To be clear that we will eventually abolish conscription. within what timeframe? And the youth do not have to think year after year whether they will every year be at risk of being forced into the army or not. so he can plan his life

Mr said it will be a big tear for the army to reform itself and to focus on improving the quality of life Because as long as there is a law that allows the army to be able to enforce it, there may be recklessness, regardless how bad is the quality of life for the soldiers. But he managed to force people to be soldiers. whenever we can amend such laws The army must be serious about improving the quality of life of its soldiers.

“We must keep track of the government’s policy to announce again in the government what will be the way to cancel. And have to admit that the interview Mr. Suthin Klangsaeng, Minister of Defense It is more in the 1st way, and if you look at the way Plaid Thai Pheu is leading the work of forming a government. There are ways to break the law too. If in the end it came out as one We hope the government will be clear about the timetable. But if it goes in the second direction, the Progressive Party is willing to cooperate with the government to push forward the amendment of the law. At the moment, we have submitted the military recruitment law to parliament. and we must wait for the Prime Minister to sign and certify first Because the council considers the said bill to be a financial law,” said Mr Prit.

Mr Prit said, from the documents that came out, he saw a short sentence changing the form of military conscription. voluntarily what he considered being interpreted But in their opinion, it is seen as changing the system. is to abolish military conscription. but still don’t want to jump to conclusions about what kind The ACT Party insists that it should be abolished in a second way, which is to amend the law to ensure that military conscription will not be compulsory. and I hope the government will agree

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