“I use the washing machine as a storage cabinet” Comedian Eunji Lee reveals her daily life beyond imagination in ‘I Live Alone’


MBC ‘I Live Alone’

Comedian Eunji Lee reveals her daily life beyond imagination.

Eunji Lee will return to MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which will be aired on December 10th. Eun-ji Lee appeared on the program last October and showed what a true nuclear-insa life is, such as having a dance battle on the streets of Hongdae as her daughter-in-law, Gil Eun-ji.

In a recent recording, Eunji Lee enjoyed a half-bath in the middle of the living room. While attention was focused on the simple bathtub that left the bathroom and advanced to the living room (?), Eunji Lee even showed off a ‘half-bath girl group dance’ in the bathtub.


MBC ‘I Live Alone’

Lee Eun-ji, a ‘girl group maniac’ who knows her, shows off her dance skills in a simple bathtub that make her tongue stick out. However, the flashy dance soon caused a catastrophe. Eunji Lee: “Oh! What in the world is this?” and hurriedly set out to fix it, causing laughter.

In addition, he showed a different side from 2 months ago when he was a newcomer. I went straight to washing the dishes after eating. However, for some reason, he said, “I am using the washing machine as a storage cabinet,” and showed a storage method beyond imagination that stores cleaned dishes in the washing machine, giving a bomb of laughter.


Eunji Lee said she didn’t want to get wet on her days off.

Previously, Eunji Lee appeared on ‘I Live Alone’ and said, “I don’t want to wash the dishes on holidays. Isn’t it a holiday?” He confessed that he didn’t want to get his hands wet on his days off. He confessed that he doesn’t even wash his hair when he’s resting, earning Park Na-rae’s strong sympathy.

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