“I want the misunderstanding of a certain person to disappear” A critic who harshly criticized director Park Seong-gwang’s ‘Woong-nam’ publicly apologized.

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Film director Park Seong-gwang (left), ‘Cine 21’ film expert grade ‘Woongnam’ (right) ⓒNews1/Cine21

A critic who criticized comedian and film director Park Seong-gwang’s film ‘Woong Nam’ publicly apologized.

Previously, on the 14th, critic Lee Yong-chul gave 1.5 stars for the film ‘Woongnam’ via Cine21. At the same time, he left a review saying, “Did this look so easy?”, but criticism arose that it was a low-level evaluation that divided the ranks of comedy and film.

As the controversy spread, critic Lee Yong-cheol said in an interview with OhmyNews on the 27th, “As the person who wrote that sentence, I want to say I’m sorry.” “He expressed his apology.

The critic said, “First of all, I wanted to make a public apology. I had a strong desire that the misunderstanding related to a certain person would disappear. “It was the same,” he said, explaining the reason. for the public apology. The critic said that he heard that director Park Seong-gwang was suffering through contact with his senior comedian on the early morning of the 22nd, and said, “I thought I should speak publicly because things n going forward regardless of my intentions.”

Critic Lee Yong-chul, who met director Park Sung-kwang three years ago, said, “I was honestly surprised when I saw (director Park Seong-kwang’s) two short films.

This critic said, “There is no reason for critics to disrespect comedians.”

Poster for the movie 'Woongnam' ⓒChief Kimchi
Poster for the movie ‘Woongnam’ ⓒChief Kimchi

Regarding the intent of the sentence, which was controversial, he said, “I thought a question needed to be asked here, whether ‘Woongnam’ is a work that has risen to such a position among eagerly awaited Korean feature films for his release. “I wanted to raise the issue of how careless I am with the relationship.”

The critic said, “Cine 21 also receives many complaint calls,” and revealed, “I have to be more careful in my expression.”

On the other hand, on the 20th, Park Seong-gwang said, “I have to admit what I need to admit” to the critic’s criticism of the movie ‘Woong-Nam’.

The film ‘Ungnam’ is the first commercial feature film directed by comedian Park Seong-gwang. This movie is a funny action movie where Woong-Nam (played by Park Seong-Woong), who ate mugwort and garlic for 100 days, conducts a cooperative investigation against an international criminal organization.

Reporter Ara Yang