I want to go back to my old place! The media reveals that ‘Ronaldo’ was waiting for Real Madrid, but in the end he did not come.

The news agency Dan Bull hit the news that previously, the head of football blood Foi Thong. There is a desire to return to join the army of the White King again. But in the end it got no attention. so he decided to trade in Saudi Arabia’s alliance with Al Nasser

marca The Spanish media reported it Cristiano Ronaldo wait for Real Madrid Contact to bring him back to join the team after separation Manchester United then, however From the age and the very high wages, the White King was not interested in signing Ronaldo back to the place. Santiago Bernabeu

Besides, it did not attract other teams. who are still on the way to winning the championship UEFA Champions League In this season too, the 37-year-old star finally chose to move. Al Nasser in the Saudi Arabian League

However, after Ronaldo canceled his contract with Manchester United, he went to use Real Madrid’s training grounds for training afterwards. World Cup 2022 also

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