I want to learn from Korea… The Miracle of the Han River to be included in Ukrainian textbooks

A classroom scene in a war-torn Ukrainian school. /Photo = Yonhap News

Ukraine decides to include ‘Miracle on the Han River’ in its textbooks. It is evaluated that Ukraine, whose land and economy has been damaged by the Russian invasion, chooses Korea together with developed European countries as a goal of national reconstruction in the future.

According to the Korean Embassy in Ukraine on the 20th (local time), the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science has published a notice of changes to the guidelines for the 10th grade of world geography (corresponding to the second year of Korean high school) and 11th grade world history that includes Korean development in the curriculum It was recently posted on the website.

As a result, Korean textbooks are included for the first time in the Ukrainian textbook guidelines and are treated with the same weight as the other three Asian countries. So far, among Asian countries, only China, Japan and India have been included.

The revised Grade 10 World Geography guidelines map Seoul as Asia’s largest financial center along with Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai and Shanghai, and Busan as one of Asia’s largest ports. In addition, in terms of economic geography, international politics, and trade, Korea is described in the same proportion as Japan, China, and India.

Korea’s status in the world and the Asian region, an export-oriented economic model, specialized industries, and relations with Ukraine were presented to students as an area of ​​evaluation on the importance of digital technology in Korea’s economic development as additional research topics for inquiry and learning. In addition, the grade 11 guidelines for world history included the development of Korea, as well as the experience of democratization and economic miracles.

An official from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine explained, “We want to learn how Korea managed to achieve economic development over the difficulties of war, what is the driving force for economic development, and what implications can be had for the reconstruction. economy of Ukraine.”

Shin Hyun-bo, reporter at Hankyung.com greaterfool@hankyung.com

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