“I wanted to convey realistically a flight that made my hands sweat.”


“I wanted to convey realistically a flight that made my hands sweat.”

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Tom Cruise’s 10th visit to Korea
Take a direct flight on the F-18 and shoot high-altitude flight scenes
“I’ve been waiting for the day I can enjoy it on the big screen”


“I have been waiting for the day when you can enjoy it on the big screen. We wanted to have fun together at the theater. That’s why I make movies.” The 10th visit to Korea is the words of actor Tom Cruise. He asked to see ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ in theaters.

It is an aerial action blockbuster filmed in 2018. The release has been delayed for three years due to the spread of COVID-19. Cruise did not even dream of sending an online video service (OTT). It was judged that it was optimized for a large screen and rich sound. He shot the high-altitude flight in a modern all-weather fighter-bomber F-18 himself. It vividly conveys facial expressions that are distorted by the change of gravity. It evokes an exhilarating thrill by adding sharp flying noises, etc.

At the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ red carpet event held at the outdoor plaza of Lotte World Tower in Seoul on the afternoon of the 19th, Cruise said, “Not only me but all the cast members boarded the F-18 and filmed the flight scene.” He continued, “I wanted to convey realistically the flight that made the audience sweat.”


It is the thrill and pleasure he has felt for over 30 years. Even after getting his pilot’s license, he shows off his proficient driving skills by training in his spare time. He is capable of performing flight stunts that even professional pilots find difficult.

Cruise said, “At the beginning of the movie, an airplane that I have owned for 20 years appears, so please watch it carefully.” “I like to drive an airplane. “I love speed,” he said. He continued, “Before filming, I had all the actors learn how to drive an airplane. We were able to really shoot all the scenes thanks to everyone’s hard training and preparation,” he assured.

Cruise’s visit to Korea is the first in four years since ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ was released in 2018. He kindly responded to fans’ autographs and photo shoots for over two hours before going on stage. He never frowned and responded to cheers and greetings.

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Cruise said, “Thank you very much for coming to see me and welcoming me warmly. It’s always fun to come to Korea,” he said. “I keep making movies for you.” He also promised, “Everyone (your interest and love) completes me” and “I will come to you next summer and next summer with ‘Mission Impossible’ episodes 8 and 9.”

By Lee Jong-gil, staff reporter leemean@asiae.co.kr

Convenience store ‘4 cans 10,000 won’ holding back qualitative growth[수제맥주 경제학③]

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Craft beer market to grow based on convenience store channels with ‘4 cans 10,000 won’ in a few years
Limiting the price of 4 cans to 10,000 won, limiting diversity and creativity
Although the appearance has varied due to production cost restrictions, the actual style is similar.
Only collaboration products without context, which are difficult to find a connection to beer, are pouring in.

[아시아경제 구은모 기자] “The number of products has diversified, but the style is there” “It seems to be craft beer, not craft beer” “Feast of collaborations without genealogy”

This is a criticism that has been recently given to craft beer, specifically craft beer sold at convenience stores. Convenience store channels are becoming a double-edged sword in the craft beer industry. Convenience store channels effectively played a role in promoting craft beer to the public by taking advantage of the home and mixed alcohol culture that has spread due to Corona 19, but it is also evaluated that it is becoming an obstacle to qualitative growth by locking in craft beer in the price frame of ‘4 cans 10,000 won’. is coming out

The domestic craft beer market has grown based on the convenience store channel in recent years. With the revision of the enforcement ordinance of the Liquor Tax Act, retail distribution of small-scale beer has been allowed since 2018, and craft beer has been on the channel of convenience stores with excellent accessibility. It has been reborn as a product with

At the center of it is the convenience store’s beer marketing policy of 4 cans 10,000 won. This marketing is well-received in that it is possible to conveniently enjoy not only ready-made beer but also craft beer with a unique flavor different from the ready-made beer at an affordable price while protecting consumers’ slim wallets. did. Recently, the price was slightly increased with ‘4 cans of 11,000 won’, unable to withstand the pressure of rising prices, but the influence of the marketing in the convenience store beer market is still absolute.

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Although it has driven the growth of the craft beer market, recently, despite its achievements, the perspective on marketing for 4 cans of 10,000 won is changing little by little. This is because it is limiting the ability to display diversity and originality, which can be said to be the difference between ready-made beer and craft beer and a growth engine. Craft beer is differentiated from the pale and light lagers of large liquor companies that emphasize lightness and cleanliness by freely using various fruits and herbs as well as malt, hops and yeast, which are the basic ingredients of beer. However, the current convenience store channel is overflowing with similar products with light and low flavor that can meet the delivery price because the selling price is virtually fixed.

Kim Man-je, director of the Korea Beer Education Institute, pointed out that locking up the price of craft beer in the frame of 4 cans of 10,000 won is a fundamental problem blocking qualitative growth. He said, “Within the current selling price framework, it is difficult to meet the production cost of high-flavor craft beer that can differentiate the taste and aroma of each company. The actual style is mostly similar.”

Seven Broly ‘Gompyo Wheat Beer’

As the environment in which it is difficult to introduce craft beer differentiated from ready-made beer to convenience store channels continues, only collaborative products without context that are difficult to find a connection to beer are pouring into the market every day. The release of various collaborative products has accelerated since ‘Gompyo Wheat Beer’, which was launched in collaboration with Seven Breu and Daehan Flour, in May 2020, caused a shortage and became a box office hit. As products aimed only at topicality were released, it was difficult to get the attention of consumers unless they were a collaboration product, which again leads to unreasonable planning that has nothing to do with the taste of beer.

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It is also pointed out that the main customer has been transferred in the industry. An official from the Korea Craft Beer Association said, “The brand needs to establish itself, but only collaboration has taken place.” “Initially, collaboration products were part of marketing to compensate for the weak brands of craft beer companies, but in reality, the characteristics of each company’s beer taste were not recognized by consumers. In many cases, the images are simply consumed as entertainment,” he said.

Reporter Gu Eun-mo gooeunmo@asiae.co.kr

The won-dollar exchange rate soared to 1294.7 won… ointment point renewal

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[아시아경제 서소정 기자] The won-dollar exchange rate surged to 1294.7 won on the 20th, raising its ties. The strong dollar is continuing on concerns that economic growth will slow down due to a rate hike by central banks such as the US.

In the Seoul foreign exchange market on that day, the won-dollar exchange rate started at 1291.0 won, up 3.7 won from the previous trading day, and then soared to 1293.6 won at 9:15 am, renewing its high point, and then soaring to 1294.7 won around 10:40.

The exchange rate started at 1,290 won, and it is the first four trading days since the 14th (1291.5 won) to gain momentum. The ointment point recorded on the 15th (1293.2 won as of midday) also surpassed the record high.

It is believed that this is due to growing concerns about a slowdown in economic growth due to central banks in major countries such as the US, UK, and Switzerland raising interest rates, which has strengthened the preference for safe-haven assets.

Last week, the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, raised its key interest rate by 0.75 percentage points, followed by the central bank of the United Kingdom by 0.25 percentage points to 1.25%. The Swiss central bank decided to raise the key interest rate for the first time in 15 years, and the move is continuing.

In addition, the possibility that the US Fed will take the ‘giant step’ again to catch high inflation at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) next month is increasing, affecting the exchange rate.

By Seo So-jeong, staff reporter ssj@asiae.co.kr


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