I wanted to do roles like those heroines, but I got only such roles – Swasika

I wanted to do roles like those heroines, but I only got roles like: Swasika

Chaturam is a movie in the erotic genre which is coming to Malayalam after a long time. Directed by Siddharth Bharathan, the film stars Swasika and Roshan in lead roles.

The film had led to many discussions because of the erotic scenes. Swasika has presented such scenes very boldly. Swasika talks about the characters she is interested in doing in the film.

Swasika said that her wish was to play roles like those in films with Kavyamadhavan and Shobhana. Swasika said this in an interview to Variety Media.

“To be honest I was very stressed. And we’re not saying we’ll order both. And so I did. Because I have been waiting for a good lead character for a long time. This is not the leading role I aspire to. She is like Kavya Madhavan and Shobhana Maam of the past wearing sarees.

That is my wish but such roles are not coming. It comes in the same form, but only the older sister leaning on the pillar and crying or the sister-in-law leaning against the wall gets that. Neither my desire nor the upcoming characters matched.

In that situation came the square. So I thought if it doesn’t come according to our will, we can do it. So I did it with my eyes closed. I thought that if I let him go, no one will replace him. There is no point in deciding later,” said Swasika.

The screenplay of Chathurut was written by Vinoy Thomas and Siddharth Bharathan. Shanti Balachandran, Alencier Le Lopez, Jaffer Idukki, Leona Lishoy and Nishant Sagar are the other important stars. The film is produced by Vineeta Ajith, Jorge Santiago, Jamnesh Tayil and Siddharth Bharathan under the banner of Greenwich Entertainment and Yellow Bird Productions.

In 2019, Swasika won the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in the film Vasanti. Aishwarya Lakshmi also played the lead role in Kumari.

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