“I was also caught in Sapporo” Suspects Yuki Watanabe The relationship reveals his heart

Today, the 28th, the interview team went to the Bictan detention camp in the Philippines.
Since the 27th, the situation has changed dramatically for the Japanese who have been in the camp.

Reporter Shinichi Kusumi reports
“This is a detention center in the Philippines where illegal immigrants and diplomats awaiting deportation to their home countries are detained.
It has emerged that arrest warrants have been issued for four of the suspects, including Yuki Watanabe and Imamura.”

Four people, including Watanabe, have arrest warrants on suspicion of a special case of fraud.
The Metropolitan Police Department believes that one of the Japanese prisoners may have been the ringleader of the series of robberies and robberies.
On the 28th, Watanabe’s relatives responded to the interview.

Relatives of Yuki Watanabe
“I feel sorry for everyone. I wonder if it is right to say that the deceased or the money was taken away for retirement, and that he lives alone. It is painful. “

Although he was very surprised when Watanabe’s name appeared in the news about the incident, he said he had no contact with it recently.

Relatives of Yuki Watanabe
Q. When was the last time you met?
“Many years ago.”
Q. 10 years?
“Maybe ten years.”
Q. Do you usually contact me?

After graduating from high school, Watanabe left his parents’ home to live in Sapporo.
From that time on, he stopped contacting him and rarely returned to his home town.
And when he lived in Sapporo, he was once caught by the police.

Relatives of Yuki Watanabe
Q. Do you talk about Yuki in your family?
“No. I’m not even talking about it.”

Watanabe was known as an “honor student” with excellent grades and good at sports.
According to a person who knew Watanabe in Sapporo.

People who know Watanabe suspect that it is the age of Sapporo
“Suspected that the Watanabe family ran a dairy farm, and came to Sapporo to develop new wholesalers for milk, but the people there changed.”

supply staff
“After graduating from high school, Watanabe is said to have started running a restaurant with an acquaintance in Sapporo’s downtown Susukino area.
According to a person who knows the suspect, the night city started from there.
The impression is said to have changed.

People who know Watanabe suspect that it is the age of Sapporo
“I was running a restaurant, and I was inviting a local friend to town at night, saying, ‘Would you like to work in my restaurant?'”

At least 25 cases of robbery and theft, believed to be linked to the string of robberies, have been reported across the country, and more than 30 people have been arrested.
What is still unclear is the existence of the leader, “Luffy”.
There are at least four instances where the name “Luffy” appears in a series of events.
arrest a suspect.

the suspect’s statement
“I was visited by someone who appears to be Luffy’s messenger, and the contract was to keep quiet if I was caught by the police, so if I talk like this, I might get carried away.”

Although they were frightened by “Luffy”, the statements of those arrested do not provide detailed information as to the character of “Luffy”.
Who the hell is “Luffy”? Some things are clear.

investigative personnel
“It’s also possible that everyone shares Luffy’s account.”

Researchers note that Luffy’s account may be shared by multiple people.
In fact, other than “Luffy”, there have been incidents where people with names like “Kim” and “Mitsuhashi” gave instructions.
Why use these tricks?
I asked Mr Yoshikawa, a former Metropolitan Police Department detective, why.

Former Metropolitan Police Department detective: Mr Yuji Yoshikawa
“I use the so-called nickname Luffy, but I don’t think it has any specific meaning. It’s possible that many people use the same name in the sense that it aims to rock” r investigation. It is a common occurrence.”

In pursuit of “Luffy”, the program will cover the series of crimes this time again.
A number of commonalities emerged.

publisher Sayaka Masuda
“On this website, I pretended to be a courier and made a ‘delivery’. “

Around 11 am on December 5 last year, Nakano Ward, Tokyo.
There are two men who are hidden as messenger companies place the box at the front door of the target house, ring the bell, and leave.
After confirming that the occupants had found the box, four men disguised as delivery companies broke into the house and stole around 35 million yen in cash.
The act of placing the box before the event is considered a “preliminary inspection”.
There have been at least two known incidents of impersonation as shipping companies.

“I was surprised.
“It’s hard. I have to do something about it.”
“It’s scary, isn’t it? If we get hit, it’s over.”
“I often stay at home because of Corona, and I use delivery, so what should I do?”
“Is it okay if I pick it up at a convenience store?”

In addition, the interview team was able to hear the whole story of how the crime was committed by the man who was arrested and who was on trial.
I went to Yamaguchi prefecture.

supply staff
“It’s Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Last November, five men broke into a house there.”

Around 2:00am on November 7th last year, a group of five men broke into the house of a company executive and attacked the residents by tying their wrists with cable ties.
One of the criminals, Tsubasa Watanabe.

Defendant Tsubasa Watanabe
“They were all people we met for the first time that day. We didn’t even know their names, so we called each other ‘You…’.”

Three cars were used before the crime was committed.
In the car, Watanabe said he was given tools to use in the crime, such as a towel to wrap around his head, cable ties and a cutter.
We went to the scene in a different car to the one we were in first, and there was also a car away, so we could see that they were well prepared.
In addition, he is said to have received an explanation such as “There are two coffers and 100 million yen.”

Defendant Tsubasa Watanabe
“I was instructed to ‘do what you can by entering the house individually’ and ‘bring a safe'”

It appears that one of the members has been exchanging messages with the person in charge all along.
Even in this event, it was controlled by a person who called himself “Luffy”.

Defendant Tsubasa Watanabe
“One of the members was in the other car
I’ve been in touch with Luffy all along. “

supply staff
“The suspects then infiltrated through the windows on the first floor while receiving instructions from the coach. They committed crimes such as tying the occupants with cable ties.”

According to court documents, Watanabe went to the second floor and threatened the occupants of the room with a cutter knife to “be quiet.”

Defendant Tsubasa Watanabe
“I was told to ‘watch over’ the woman, so I stayed upstairs the whole time. “

A resident then entered the room and was later arrested by the police.
The victim’s man answered media attention for the first time about the incident.

chased man
“I happened to wake up around 2:00 in the morning. I heard a strange noise coming from the second floor, so I left the room. There are two safes and 100 million yen at home. I wonder how the rumor spread.”

Like this case, there are at least 6 break-ins into the late night hours.
On the other hand, Watanabe points out that there is a higher existence than a trainer like “Luffy”.

Defendant Tsubasa Watanabe
“I heard that Luffy and Kim are also receiving requests from someone.

“Luffy” gives instructions to the active role.
And there is a possibility that there is a person giving instructions above him.

Yoshikawa Mr
“In terms of the possibility, there is a person in charge who is above the director, I think there is someone who understands the whole thing and is in control. There are plenty of cases where incidents happen while ongoing to give instructions using other accounts or nicknames.”

Station Saturday January 28 OA

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