I was called as an assistant director in that film, but I didn’t go because I wasn’t interested in it – Altaf Salim

No one will ever forget the dialogue in the love story ‘Meri kana, Meri plus two’ and Altaf tells it. The film and scripts directed by Altaf, who handles comedy scenes very naturally, do justice to the audience. Altaf shares his coming to the cinema and his film experiences.

Altaf said that Alphonse Putran called him to the first film as an assistant director. Altaf also said that he was not interested because it was very dirty work. He was speaking in an interview given to Mathrubhumi News.

At first, I was called as an assistant director at Premat. I said it won’t work for me. That’s a job I can’t do. I could have done as an assistant in some films. Running around as a tip assistant is physical work. Running around or doing other responsible things is a chore I don’t really care about. That’s why I did it. I want to go very peacefully,’ said Altaf.

In the interview, he said that he started working for films since he was studying for his degree and the short film he made after graduation was a flop.

“Since I studied for my degree, I had a passion for cinema. I don’t sleep at night without watching at least two movies. I still haven’t completed my degree. Thinking of doing something later, I made a short film after graduation but it was a flop. Me, Siju Wilson, Sharafuddin and Alphonse somehow got together. We will see Alphonse in the short film anyway. Later I made a short film. Because it was a mistake, I learned a lot from it. By doing that, I realized what was not needed,’ says Altaf.

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