“I was crazy back then”… Top male singers mentioned by Freesia with an explosion of smiles

Freesia (Song Ji-ah), a YouTuber and influencer, mentioned the singer she was good at in the past.

On the 3rd, Freesia posted on her YouTube channel ‘Freesia’, “Read speculation about me. I have concerns, but I think I’m hiding it, I don’t think I’ve done it, I think I’m going to think I’m pretty every day?!”

Below is the YouTube channel ‘free Jia’

In the video, Freesia had a Q&A with her subscribers. He started responding by saying, “I got speculative comments about me through the community.”

Subscribers have sent a variety of questions. When asked, “I don’t think my sister has ever done a good job since she was born,” Freesia smiled, saying, “I’ve done it before.”

He said, “I used to be a fan of TVXQ. When I was in elementary school, my companion Shinki was really, really, really cool. He was a legend when TVXQ had 5 members.”

In particular, he pointed out, “Among them, I liked Hero Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong).” Freesia said, “It was so cool. I bought both the Bromide and TVXQ books. He was a member of Cassiopeia. I was really crazy back then,” he clapped.

The remark won a lot of sympathy from netizens. In the comment window, “My older sister was also my favorite among Heroes… inner intimacy… “Crazy that Phrygia was also Kang… At that time, TVXQ was the strongest of legends” “I feel a sense of unity” “It’s funny and amazing to hear it here hahaha” and so on.

Freesia is appearing on Netflix’s original dating program ‘Solo Hell’.

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