“I was Lee Bong-won’s wife for over two years”…Park Mi-sun genuinely shocked by the shocking revelation of a beautiful female singer

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Singer Trot Jiwon-i, who came to the new crisis counseling talk show ‘Attack Sisters-Worried Cut Salon’, introduced herself as ‘Lee Bong-won’s wife’ and made Park Mi-sun hold her back.

Trot singer Ji Won-i appeared as a speaker in the Channel S entertainment program ‘Worried Cut Salon-Attack Sisters’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Attack Sisters’), which aired on January 31, 2023.

On this day, Jiwon appeared in the studio wearing bright red leggings, and MC Park Mi-sun could not keep her mouth shut in surprise.

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Ji-won confessed to Park Mi-sun, “I really missed you so much,” which confused him. Next, Jiwon is Park Mi-sun’s husband. Referring to Lee Bong-won, “I wanted to see our director (Park Mi-sun) in person. I used to be Lee Bong-won’s woman for two and a half years.”He made a stunning statement.

Park Mi-sun, who was smiling, froze in embarrassment at Ji-won’s sudden comment about her husband, and MCs Jang Young-red and Kim Ho-young became confused. Kim Ho-young asked, “What does this mean?” and tried to grasp the situation, and Jang Young-red shouted, “What if I say that here?”

In the end, Park Mi-haul grabbed the back of her neck by shouting, “Shutter down,” but soon she tried to find excitement, saying, “Sit down for now. What are you talking about? “

While everyone was shocked, Jiwon awkwardly laughed and explained, “I watched an MC music program for two and a half years with senior Lee Bongwon.” Only then did 3MC laugh in relief.

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However, while she was talking about her concerns, Jiwon told Lee Bongwon what he had heard and shocked Misun Park once again.

On this day, Jiwon broke the image of a female trot singer and became a hot topic with an unconventional leggings outfit, and she admitted that she was hurt by this.

When Jiwon said, “I want to take off my leggings, but the organizers even decide the color of the leggings,” Park Mi-sun agreed, saying, “Image is important to celebrities. It has to for them to show what they want.” Jang Young-red said, “Sing neatly while wearing hanbok. I think hanbok will look good on you.”

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In response, Jiwon said, “I hear a lot that Hanbok suits me,” and “I wore Hanbok when I was an MC for a special festival with Lee Bong-won.” Park Mi-sun expressed curiosity, saying, “What did Lee Bong-won say?”

Next, Jiwon gave the reason, “I was the MC of the trot music program with senior Lee Bong-win for two and a half years.” Park Mi-haul expressed surprise, “Is that the person in the picture?”

Ji-won apologized to Park Mi-sun, who was shocked, saying, “Senior Bong-won said, ‘Hanbok is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry.’

Park Mi-sun said, “Are you a person who can say that? You are good for other women,” and laughed in surprise. He said bitterly, “Take care of your worries and call Lee Bong-won.”

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Jang Young-red, who saw this, threatened, “Ji-won is in trouble,” and Ji-won, again shook his feet, restless and laughed.

Netizens who watched the broadcast said, “No matter how much … isn’t it so in front of the current wife …,” “Park Mi-sun suffered because it was a broadcast, I think she must that he has been very angry…” , “Park Mi-sun’s mentality is amazing~~” There were other responses.

Singer Trot Ji-earn, “foreign car price” in monthly income

support on instagram
support on instagram

Meanwhile, Ji Won-i was born in 1981 and is a 41-year-old unmarried South Korean trot singer. In the summer of 2001, she received the grand prize at the KBS 1TV National Singing Competition and received the Encouragement Award at the year-end finals in the winter of the same year.

In Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, the ‘Bakdal Song Festival’ is held every year, which is a song festival that leads to the entrance of trot singers. Jiwon has already been responsible for hosting the music festival for several years because he has already competed several times and won the grand prize. At an event in 2012, which I had been hosting for 4 years, I met an official from my current agency, and in September 2012, I released my first album.

He is a singer with a variety of voices ranging from traditional trot to semi-trot, and he travels the country with ‘dance trot’, a combination of trot and dance. He even learned folk songs for a trot, and his goal is an authentic trot.

support on instagram
support on instagram

Currently, she is known as Beyoncé Trotge, aka ‘Tyonce’, for her toned and glamorous body. Also, he is so popular with soldiers that he is called a military president. She surprised people by revealing that the income from the event was “for the price of a foreign car” on the broadcast.

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