I was promoted to be a police officer in White’s government… Democratic Occasion yet again, law enforcement main Kim Quickly-ho ‘suspicion of the trade union’

The opposition and the opposition fought over suspicions of spying Kim Soon-ho, director of the Ministry of Community Administration and Protection, in the report of the perform of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the National Police Agency held in the Nationwide Assembly Administrative Security Committee.

On the similar day, Interior and Safety Minister Lee Sang-min countered, “It has not been verified, and it is a hasty judgment in the existing scenario to figure out a person’s destiny due to the fact it has not been confirmed.”

“How did you turn out to be specific?” No, ‘Spying Suspect’ Kim Shortly-ho assault

The Democratic Party of Korea lifted allegations that Director Kim was specially appointed by the law enforcement in trade for informing colleagues from the ‘Incheon Bucheon Democratic Staff Association (hereinafter referred to as the Innohoe Association)’, with whom he worked. her 30 a long time ago. , and identified as for his resignation.

Consultant Lee Seong-gentleman, a member of the Democratic Occasion of Korea, advised Kim, who had been specifically appointed as lieutenant general on the exact working day, “Following examining the distinctive prerequisites, Article 16 of r Appointment of Law enforcement Officer Ordinance’ In the situation of appointing a law enforcement officer under a lieutenant in buy to have a man or woman linked with the anti-aircraft do the job as an anti-plane agent'” “What type of anti-plane work did you do before you obtained appoint you?” , accuses Director Kim.

Rep. Lee then pointed out that previous Inspector Hong Mo, who experienced arrested 15 operatives at the time in 1989, explained in a modern media interview “I had a ton of enable from Director Kim in the investigation on the when.” Is it?” he questioned.

To this, Director Kim replied, “Ex-Inspector Hong only gave steering on the distinctive assessment.”

Lee Sang-min “The 30-yr everyday living and honor of Director Kim Quickly-ho is also important”

Minister Lee continuously surrounded Director Kim in his perform report and refused to change the law enforcement main.

Minister Lee dismissed it as “unconfirmed” when Democratic Occasion lawmaker Choi Ki-sang asked for Kim to be changed on the very same day.

“I imagined he was the ideal particular person at the time I proposed to appoint Kim,” said Minister Lee, emphasizing, “Is not it hasty to decide whether the task is acceptable 30 a long time afterwards or not based on unconfirmed info from 30 yrs back. ?” he did

When questioned if the Ministry of General public Administration and Security could examine and confirm the allegations, Minister Lee replied, “I have no such authority.”

Minister Lee included, “The 30-calendar year life and honor of Director Kim Soon-ho is also essential,” including, “There is home to analyze irrespective of whether the problem elevated by Director Kim is affordable.

People’s Power “Director Kim was promoted to police officer throughout the Wen government”

The People’s Ability started supporting Director Kim on this working day. People’s Electricity Representative Park Seong-min mentioned, “Wasn’t the marketing of a police officer, the flower of the police, carried out in the past authorities?” and “Is not there a stringent personnel check in the Blue House. ?”

Consultant Park then asked Director Kim, “Has there ever been a story about remaining specially appointed by the police in exchange for trade union pursuits at the time of verification?” Director Kim was promoted to law enforcement officer underneath the Moon Jae-in government in 2017. The intention is that if Kim’s ‘espionage suspicion’ were being genuine, the marketing would not have took place beneath the Moon administration.

In this regard, Director Kim replied, “(In the system of personnel verification) there was no mention of the labor union at all.”

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