I was thinking of a reunion… Yu Tung, 33 years younger than ex-wife, shocked by remarriage and childbirth


Yoo Tung’s ex-wife confesses to remarriage and says, “Forgive me.”
My youngest daughter, Mimi, “I want to go to Korea with my dad”
Yoo Tong “For the rest of my life, I will live as Mimi’s father”

Yoo Tung and ex-wife / Photo = MBN’s ‘Special World

Actor Yu Tong couldn’t hide his shock at the news of the remarriage and childbirth of his Mongolian ex-wife.

In the MBN ‘Special World’ broadcast on the 23rd, the figure of Yu Tung, who met his Mongolian ex-wife 33 years younger than him in three years, was revealed.

Yu Tong was living alone, more emaciated than before. He said, “I have been diabetic for over 30 years and complications have just begun to appear. I have also had teeth removed and my legs keep hurting. When I am working on painting, my hands and feet often get paralyzed,” he said.

Yu Tong was spending his time painting. He said, “I get peace of mind. When I’m lonely and empty, I can relax. If I come alone, I’m mentally disturbed and I think, ‘I’m going to die.'” He continued, “The makchang business that I started before the corona collapsed. When I was having a hard time, a friend provided me with a house and suggested that I display it because there were many works.”

Deep in Yutong’s heart was Mimi, the youngest daughter he had left behind in Mongolia. He said he didn’t see her Mimi three years ago when he divorced his Mongolian wife, 33 years younger, for the eighth time.

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He confessed that his ex-wife had informed him of the remarriage via text message.

Yu Tong said, “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been so mentally disturbed.” He said, “When I heard that I was going to Mongolia, Mimi’s mother remarried and gave birth to a child.”

Worried about the relationship between his stepdad and Mimi, Yu Tong called his ex. When asked, “Does Mimi get along well with (step-dad)?”, the ex-wife said, “She hates Mimi. Because she’s not a real dad.”

Yu Tong, who hurriedly visited Mongolia, met Mimi, whom he had longed for. As soon as Mimi saw her dad she ran and hugged her. She said Mimi and she “missed Daddy so much” and she kissed the cheek. To show her dad, she brought along a bunch of her awards and medals she had received in the meantime.

/Photo = MBN 'Special World'

/Photo = MBN ‘Special World

Yoo Tong met his ex-wife after three years. He first revealed his upset heart. He said, “We were divorced and separated from each other, but we talked on the phone and got along.

He continued, “I have been deceived. Do you know how shocked I was to hear that story this time?” The ex-wife apologized, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Yutong said, “Now Mimi’s mother is not my wife. I have a love for her, but she’s another man’s wife, and now she’s just Mimi’s mom.”

In the meantime, Mimi suggested a trip to Korea. Yu Tong asked, “All those who live well in Mongolia are sent to Korea. What do you think of Mimi’s mother? Take Mimi to Korea to teach, and send her to Mongolia on vacation. Will you do that? Or will you raise Mimi and send her to Korea on vacation?”

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The ex-wife said, “I’ll ask Mimi.” Mimi said, “It’s better to go with Dad. Mom has a lot of family. There are grandmothers, grandfathers, and younger brothers. Dad is alone in Korea. I want to go with him to help.”

The mother decided to respect Mimi’s wishes. She then told Yu-tong, “I’m sorry that I met someone else and had a child. I hope Mimi eats healthy food in Korea, goes to swimming, which she likes, goes to school, and lives happily ever after.”

Yu-Tyung said, “If I go to Korea and cry because I miss my mother, it will be difficult for my father.”

Yu Tong said that he could not go to Korea with Mimi this time due to visa issues. She said that Mimi said she “want to go with me now,” she cried. Yutong hugged Mimi tightly. He said, “So far, she has lived her life without hesitation. For the rest of her life, I want to live her dad’s life for Mimi.”

By Kim Ye-rang, reporter at Hankyung.com yesrang@hankyung.com


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