“I wasn’t happy with her”

In a statement to the police, Walewska’s husband reports problems in the relationship: “She was compulsive about shopping and wasted part of the money we had made over the years.” Ricardo Alexandre also claims that his wife tried to commit suicide 3 years ago. He says he was in the apartment when he was informed by the doorman about the death

Ricardo Alexandre and Walewska

Ricardo Alexandre Mendes and Olympic champion Walewska Oliveira had been married for 20 years. In a statement to the police, the man reported problems in his relationship with his wife and said he had asked for a divorce.

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Walewska Oliveira died early last night (21), after falling from the 17th floor of the leisure area of ​​the building where she lived, in Bela Vista, an upscale region of São Paulo. The police are investigating the circumstances of the death.

Ricardo said he was in the couple’s apartment when he found out about what happened from employees at the building. He said that, on Thursday, he returned from work at 5:30 pm and did not find his wife at home. Then, he decided to sleep and, at around 6:30 pm, he was woken up by building employees with the information that there had been an “accident”.

“The marriage was deteriorating due to several problems, because she was compulsive about buying and wasted much of the money they made during the years of their relationship”, says Ricardo in a statement recorded in the police report.

In the document, Mendes also tells the police that Walewska had attempted suicide three years ago, in the apartment where they lived, in Uberlândia. Walewska’s husband said he alerted his father-in-law about what had happened and the problems the two were facing.

“In recent months, Ricardo reports that the relationship was already quite frayed and that there were small arguments, but nothing aggressive in tone. He said he wasn’t happy with her and wanted a divorce to follow a new path”, continues the BO


Walewska fell from the 17th floor onto the balcony of her 1st floor apartment. A rescue unit was called and tried to revive the former player, without success. Death was pronounced at the scene. The building administration was the one who called the police.

According to Mendes’ report, Walewska sent a text message at 6:07 pm talking about their strained relationship. “[Alexandre relata] who received a text message from Walewska, via Whatsapp, with her talking about the relationship and his decision to separate”, points out the BO

In her latest interview, for the podcast “Ataque Defesa”, by journalist Alê Oliveira, Walewska highlighted her career achievements and outlined plans for the future.

“Everything I do today is aimed at showing the knowledge I have acquired in these 30 years and talking about it. There are some things that touched. The athlete doesn’t talk about money, about post-career, he doesn’t talk about planning, he doesn’t prepare by studying, learning other things so that when he enters the world outside the dome, he is at least well prepared. I’m not going to say it will be easy, but it will be a little easier if he has the idea that it will end one day. I will be 44 years old on October 1st. I have at least 40 more years of productive life. It’s a whole world that you have to think about when you’re on the court,” said the athlete.

“It took me a while to get into social media. On Instagram it was in my last year as an athlete. Because everyone asked for a lot. There were some people who didn’t even know I was married, I was so reserved. I think it was necessary because I was always very focused on what I was doing. I didn’t miss having Instagram at all. I saw the girls messing around and spending a lot of time there. I think my time was reading, watching a movie, listening to good music. So my free time, which was little, I used much better having access to some things that were very important for my post-career”, highlighted Walewska.

Walewska had one of the most successful careers in the history of Brazilian women’s volleyball. She won Olympic gold in Beijing 2008. Previously, she was part of the Brazilian squad that won bronze in Sydney-2000. The Brazilian retired from the court last year and, in recent times, has focused on launching products involving leadership and high performance.

See the testimony of journalist Alexandre Oliveira, who did the last interview with Wal: “We didn’t know what had happened when we uploaded the podcast [na quinta]. Several people called me asking what had happened, I didn’t know. We recorded the podcast on Wednesday, at 3pm, in Alphaville. I dealt with her all last week, I made an appointment, I agreed, she was happy with it. If you can see, she was extremely happy and content. She talked about her career, her plans and a lot of cool things in her life. At no point did she have any problems with her mental or physical health. It didn’t show. Our regret is, I am completely in shock. She was an incredible woman, completely out of the ordinary in terms of culture, education, how to talk… I never imagined.”

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