‘I will close my mouth until March 9’… Honca-Cola suddenly declared silent, why?

People’s Strength Rep. Hong Jun-pyo suddenly declared silence on the 17th, stating that he would not express his political opinions until the end of the presidential election. It is through the article he posted on ‘Youth’s Dream’, a communication platform he created. home page capture

People’s Strength Representative Hong Jun-pyo said on the 17th, “I have decided not to comment on this election any longer,” and announced that he would carry out a kind of political silence until the end of the presidential election on March 9.

Less than half a day after actively posting on social networking services (SNS), he suddenly made a ‘declaration of silence’. In effect, it means that he will stop public activities related to the election, and it is inevitable that Rep. Hong and Yoon Seok-yeol, who was expecting a ‘one-team move’, will be hit.

Assemblyman Hong, who showed off his political presence with the so-called ‘hunsu politics’ in the presidential race, continued to comment on current issues on Facebook as usual from the evening of the previous day until this morning. The most recent post was a commentary on the broadcast of the transcript of the ‘7-hour call’ of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol’s spouse Kim Geon-hee, and the report that shamans were active in the election campaign headquarters (preceding script) of candidate Yoon. However, both posts have now been deleted.

Rep. Hong’s sudden declaration of silence was made known through the communication platform ‘Youth’s Dream’ he created. Rep. Hong posted an article in the section titled ‘Hong Moon Cheong-dap’ (Rep. Hong asks questions and young people answer them) with the title ‘Obviously ignorant’. “I have decided not to comment on this election any longer. I hope that the Kim Gun-hee risk will be overshadowed, and that the shamanic Gunjin Ambassador will pass safely.”

Kim Gun-hee’s ‘7-hour call’ · Hong Joon-pyo, who criticized shamans, suddenly declared silence

People’s Strength Representative Hong Jun-pyo receives a handwritten letter from a young man at the disbanding ceremony held at the Yeouido Election Camp in Seoul on November 8, last year. By Oh Dae-geun

Rep. Hong then re-posted with a title that corrected the typo in Chinese characters. “No matter what the election, I have no opinion until March 9. I decided not to get involved because it only amplifies misunderstandings,” he said again, refusing to comment on the presidential election.

A number of words came out among supporters of the sudden declaration of silence, which had not been long after she published a commentary criticizing Yoon’s spouse and the previous script.

In particular, the passage that Rep. Hong mentioned “because it only amplifies misunderstandings” seems unusual. Some ardent supporters also observed that Kim’s active containment of Hong during the primary was a ‘trigger’.

Reactions to the declaration of silence varied. “Isn’t Rep. Hong’s criticism of candidate Yoon and his wife putting pressure on him as an internal gunnery?” He was furious with the people’s power, or argued that Yoon’s chances of winning the presidential election were low and said “a wise decision” and “wait for the right time.” There were also supportive comments.

Rep. Hong criticized Kim’s remarks piece by piece on Facebook right after the MBC broadcast, which delivered the transcript of the ‘7-hour call’ the day before, twisting Kim as “a great lead woman”.

In the process, Congressman Hong used the word “shock” four times. He said, “I was shocked to say that Kim Jong-in came because he had something to eat, to say that the conservatives who led the impeachment (former President Park Geun-hye) were fools. It is shocking to say that it is bleak,” he wrote.

“Having Hong Jun-pyo…” Was Kim Gun-hee’s remarks of restraint a ‘trigger’?

Hong Jun-pyo (right) and Yoon Seok-yeol, the candidates for the People’s Strength presidential election, prepare for a one-on-one debate held at the MBC office building in Sangam-dong, Seoul on October 15, last year. Parliamentary photojournalists

Among Kim’s remarks published in the transcript of ‘Seven Hour Call’, there were sharp attacks and checks aimed at Rep. Hong. Kim told reporter Lee in the call that he would go to Congressman Hong’s Seoul National University talk concert schedule during last year’s People’s Power election process, “Ask a sharp question. “He said.

Regarding this, Rep. Hong said, “It’s easy to guess why the ‘frame tube’ (a combination of ‘dentures’ and YouTube) used to disparage and bite me so persistently during the primary election. It might come out in the future if it was managed,” he expressed his displeasure.

In the morning of the same day, Assemblyman Hong was also concerned about the Segye Daily report that a shaman, who is known to be close to candidate Yoon and his wife, is exercising general influence over the predecessor headquarters, saying, “I am worried that it will turn out like the Choi Soon-sil incident.” Rep. Hong said, “The article that the self-proclaimed ‘national history’ is in charge of recruiting senior leaders is also shocking to the article that the shaman Ambassador Geonjin is in charge.” ” he wrote.

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