“I will reveal the truth about an actress in her 50s who is married” Ko So-nam, press conference on the 21st

Oh, a man who sued an actress in her 50s on charges of marriage impersonation and special threats, held a press conference and said he would reveal everything in detail.

On the 19th, Mr. Oh via media distribution materials, “I will hold a press conference at the Seoul Building in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 21st and reveal the whole truth.”

Mr. said Oh, “From June 2020 until today, I will tell you the situation and the situation as it is, without lies, and I would like to state my position on civil lawsuits and criminal charges. I did it,” he explained.

Oh previously filed a lawsuit against actress A last month, claiming a contract amount of 111.6 million won. According to Oh, who was the head of a family, he maintained a relationship with actress A, who also had a family, for two years until July this year.

Mr. claimed Since he accepts Mr. A to divorce and marry, and that he provides financial support, such as Mr.’s living expenses. A and children’s education expenses, as well as buying a car. Also, in April last year, he and A divorced for remarriage, but Mr A said he was not divorced.

In response, Mr. Oh that Mr. And any intention to marry him and sue him to return some of the money he had used. Mr. said Oh also filed a criminal complaint with actress A on charges of special intimidation, saying she even threatened him with a weapon.

Meanwhile, Mr. A, who was sued, made his debut as a film actor in the 1990s and is known to have appeared in plays and films until recently.

By Kim Kyung-hee, staff reporter amator@joongang.co.kr

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