I wonder if he was the top scorer in the EPL… Kane and Son Heung-min have no intention of conceding PK

[마이데일리 = 김종국 기자] The former Premier League top scorer asked whether Sheringham would concede a penalty kick to Son Heung-min, who is competing for the top scorer with Kane.

British Football London introduced the conversation between Sheringham and Kane on the 19th (Korean time). Sheringham recently met with Kane to talk about conceding a penalty kick to Son Heung-min.

“I asked Kane if he would concede a penalty to Son Heung-min if Tottenham were awarded a penalty with a 2-0 or 3-0 lead over Norwich City,” said Sheringham. He said, ‘Winning the game comes first.'” He also added, “Kane is a goal scorer. He doesn’t want to concede a penalty kick.”

Sheringham, who played for Tottenham and Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Manchester United) as an active player, was the Premier League top scorer in the 1992-93 season. He won three Premier League titles during his time with Manchester United and also played a leading role in the 1999 treble (three trophies). He also played seven seasons for Tottenham.

Regarding Son’s performance this season, Sheringham said, “He played and hit hard to believe, and he is Tottenham’s Player of the Year. Son also showed leadership.” ” meant.

Heung-Min Son, who is ranked second in the league scoring list with 21 goals in the Premier League this season, chased Salah (Liverpool), the top scorer at the end of the season, and came close by one goal difference. Tottenham Hotspur scored a penalty kick in succession against Arsenal on the 13th and Burnley on the 15th, but Kane succeeded in scoring as the kicker in all of them. Son Heung-min has scored 21 goals without a penalty kick this season. On the other hand, top scorer Salah scored five goals from a penalty kick.

Son Heung-min said about Kane’s penalty kick situation after the Burnley match, “I only saw the net in the goal. He puts the ball into the corner. It looks good and doesn’t feel any pressure.”

Tottenham Hotspur are fighting for fourth place in the league with Arsenal for a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season. Tottenham Hotspur will win a ticket to the Champions League even if they draw only a draw in the Premier League final match against Norwich City on the 23rd. Heung-Min Son aims to become the top scorer in the Premier League by scoring against Norwich City.

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By Kim Jong-guk, staff reporter calcio@mydaily.co.kr

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