iBank Introduces “Mahabbah” Fixed Deposits with High Returns

Islamic Bank of Thailand Launches “Mahabbah” Fixed Deposit

The Islamic Bank of Thailand (iBank) has introduced a new short-term fixed deposit product called “Mahabbah,” meaning loving care, in honor of the important Islamic calendar month of Rabiul Awal. This month commemorates the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad and holds significance for Muslims worldwide.

Minimum Account Opening: 1,000 baht

Maximum Deposit: 20 million baht per person

Deposit Period: 9 months

Expected Return: Up to 1.75% per annum

Dr. Thaweelap Rittapirom, Director and Manager of iBank, emphasized the bank’s commitment to its customers, stating, “For the past 20 years, iBank has cared for and served our customers with love. As we enter Rabiul Awal, we want to extend this love and appreciation by introducing the ‘Mahabbah’ fixed deposit.”

The “Mahabbah” fixed deposit offers a flexible deposit period of 9 months. Individuals and corporations can open accounts with a minimum deposit of 1,000 baht. Personal deposits are capped at 20 million baht. Customers can expect returns of up to 1.75% per annum, which are paid at the end of the term.

While the fixed deposit encourages long-term savings, customers should note that premature withdrawals before the end of the deposit period will not be eligible for compensation. iBank aims to attract feedback from customers and hopes to reach a total deposit amount of 3,000 million baht through this project.

Special Offer: Free ATM Gold Chip Card

As an added incentive, iBank is currently offering a special promotion for savings account holders. Customers who open an account will receive a free ATM Gold Chip Card with accident coverage of up to 100,000 baht. The insurance period is one year and renewable annually, providing protection against bodily injury resulting from external factors, such as accidents. Please note that the Gold ATM Chip Card holders must be between 15 and 75 years old to be eligible for this offer.

If you are interested in opening an account, visit any iBank branch near your home between September 27, 2023, and November 27, 2023. Alternatively, you can obtain more information by contacting the iBank Contact Center at 1302 or through Messenger at Islamic Bank of Thailand – ibank ( or via Line at iBank 4 All (@ibank).

Islamic Bank of Thailand (iBank) issues “Mahabbah” fixed deposits Minimum account opening is 1,000 baht. Maximum deposit is 20 million baht per person. The deposit period is 9 months, with an expected return of up to 1.75% per annum.

Dr. Thaweelap Rittapirom, Director and Manager of the Islamic Bank of Thailand (IBank) revealed that “Since September this year falls on the month of Rabiul Awal. It is an important month according to the Islamic calendar. Because it is the month of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, who is loved and praised by Muslims all over the world. iBank would like to join in the remembrance and celebration by launching a short term fixed deposit product “Mahabbah” which means loving care. Because iBank has looked after all our customers with love for 20 years.”

This “Mahabbah” fixed deposit is a fixed deposit with a deposit period of 9 months. Customers can open an account with a minimum of 1,000 baht. Accounts can be opened for corporate and individual customers. Deposits up to 20 million baht per person. Provides an expected return of up to 1.75% per annum, paying returns at the end of the term However, if the customer wishes to withdraw that deposit before the end of the deposit period. Customers will not be considered for compensation. For such a project The bank expects to receive feedback from customers who use the service until the full amount of 3,000 million baht is reached.

special! Open a savings account Free ATM Gold Chip Card issuance fee with accident coverage of 100,000 baht (Gold ATM Chip Card holders must be at least 15 years old and not more than 75 years old. The insurance period is 1 year and to be renewed every 1 year until notified Cancellation of policy Protection Loss or damage as a result of bodily injury caused by factors external to the insurance by accident)

Interested customers can open an account at any iBank branch near their home. Between 27 September 2023 – 27 November 2023 or ask for more information at the ibank Contact Center 1302 or chat via Messenger: Islamic Bank of Thailand – ibank ( and Line: iBank 4 All (@ibank)

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