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IBK decides to ‘exit’ Songhwa Jo, the key is ‘money’ [MK시선]

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IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, a women’s professional volleyball team, has set an internal policy to expel Jo Song-hwa, 28, who escaped without permission twice during the season. We have decided that we can no longer ride the same boat with Jo Song-hwa. But the problem remains. The most sensitive ‘money’ is at stake.
On the 22nd, IBK applied to the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) to voluntarily terminate Cho Song-hwa, but it was not successful. This is because he did not understand the rules that have changed since this season. In order to protect the player’s rights, in case of voluntary termination, there must be a document with the player’s handwritten signature stating that he/she agrees to this. However, the club said that he had received verbal confirmation from Jo Song-hwa several times, and he was only embarrassed while proceeding with the work without fulfilling the conditions.
IBK had the opportunity to obtain consent from the players during a face-to-face meeting between the club’s secretary general and Jo Song-hwa. However, he missed the opportunity while trying to convince Jo Song-hwa, who was relentless in his willingness to retire. Song-Hwa Cho expressed her desire to return to the team, saying that she had a change of heart after the club’s secretariat asked for the signature of the voluntary termination document. Although IBK decided not to return to the wild flowers, it crossed the waters where it became arbitrary.

↑ Jo Song-hwa of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, a women’s professional volleyball team that caused the trespassing controversy. Photo = MK Sports DB
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It is possible for IBK to terminate the contract with Song-Hwa Jo and release her, but in this case, the club must pay her annual salary for the remainder of the contract. Excluding this month’s salary when Song-Hwa Cho left the team, it’s 7 months’ worth until June next year. Considering that Jo Song-hwa’s annual salary is 220 million won excluding options, IBK loses more than 100 million won when canceling the contract.
IBK internally entered into legal review of the contract. As the reason for the termination of the contract is clearly attributable to Song-hwa Jo, the club is investigating the direction in which the club will not be obligated to pay the remaining annual salary. Because of this, there is still a spark of a legal dispute between Songhwa Jo and IBK over money.
Solving problems through trade is more difficult. It should be said that there is no team that will accept Songhwa even if it is a free trade without conditions, as it is known that Songhwa has left the team without permission and that she protested to the leader.
Kim Ho-jin, secretary general of the IBK volleyball team, said, “There is no change in the club’s position that it cannot be with Jo Song-hwa. We plan to take action (related to contract termination) after considering the KOVO regulations,” he said.
KOVO is also keeping an eye on the situation. The regulations are being reviewed internally in case the IBK requests to hold a reward and punishment committee related to the salary issue.
A KOVO official said, “If you look at the player contract, it is stated that the player and the club, who are the parties to the contract, do their best to resolve the dispute amicably. The club has not yet made a request to hold a reward and punishment committee, but we are waiting while reviewing the regulations.”
Another option is for IBK to stop paying Jo Song-hwa’s salary through the club’s own disciplinary action. In the case of Samsung Fire in the men’s division, last July, a player who was confirmed to have violated the Corona 19 quarantine rules and held a private meeting was severely sanctioned with a full salary cut this season. Since Song-hwa Jo left the team twice without permission is a clear reason for severe disciplinary action, it is possible to consider resolving the salary issue through self-discipline. However, in this case, the possibility that Songhwa will file an objection through KOVO cannot be excluded.
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