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IBK IBK Industrial Bank fires supervisor Nam-won Seo over ‘controversy over illegal departure of Song-hwa Jo’

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Photo = Director Seo Nam-won, who has been sacked. Provided by KOVO

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK), a women’s professional volleyball team, has fired manager Seo Nam-won, accusing him of being responsible for the discord within the team and poor performance.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea announced in a statement on the 21st that “in order to renew the team, we have decided to fire not only Seo Nam-won, but also Yoon Jae-seop, the head of the volleyball team.”

In the case of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, rumors of discord within the team have recently surfaced due to the departure of setter Jo Song-hwa without permission.

Jo Song-hwa, who left the team after the KGC Ginseng Corporation match on the 12th, rejoined the team with the persuasion of the club, but left the dormitory again after the Pepper Savings Bank match on the 16th.

Coach Kim Sa-ni also announced his intention to resign at the same time that Song-hwa Jo left the team.

It is unusual for players and coaches to leave the team during the season and internal problems are exposed.

The club said, “The club has been carrying out a fact-finding investigation through interviews with players and coaches with a heavy responsibility for the recent incident. We are preparing a plan for team renewal.”

And first, he pulled out a card to dismiss the commander-in-chief.

The club explained, “We will hold Nam-won Seo accountable for recent events such as discord within the team and poor performance, and fire the manager and general manager in order to renovate the team.” “We will take corresponding measures for Song-hwa Jo who left the team,” he added.

Coach Seo, who took the helm of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea ahead of this season, packed his bags without playing 10 games.

However, regarding coach Kim Sani, he said, “I have declined my resignation and asked him to work hard for the normalization of the team.”

In the future, we plan to do our best to support the volleyball team so that it can be normalized at an early stage by preparing the team, establishing discipline, and minimizing the influence of players in the future, such as appointing a coach. It may hurt the players, so please refrain from it.”

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