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Rebecca Lashem. Sports Donga DB

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which brought criticism for breaking up with former manager Seo Nam-won for ‘disrespectful’, repeated the same thing. On the 27th, ahead of the home match against GS Caltex, foreign player Rebecca Lassem was replaced. The club said, “We have been discussing it since the end of the first round. Unfortunately, foreign players are being replaced. Even though we can’t be together until the end of the season, we will acknowledge the hard work we’ve done so far and will be considerate as much as possible, and Lassem will do his best until the end.”

The new foreign player is American Dali Santana. The club explained that he played in the Turkish League and can play both right and left. Santana joins from the 3rd round. This is because he has not received a work visa yet, and it takes time to prepare for participation after entering the country. In the meantime, Lassem has to play, but that too hastily announced the substitution right before the game. No matter how much pre-negotiation was completed, there was no need to rush.

Rebecca Lashem. Sports Donga DB

It is absurd to ask a player who is about to leave the team to play hard. Even though he was a foreign player who came to an unfamiliar land to move according to the contract and earn money, he was able to finish the game with a lot more self-esteem. It just seems like an act to show that you’re putting a lot of effort into bringing the team back to normal.

Lassem is said to receive much more than two months’ salary if his contract is terminated during the season. From the player’s point of view, there is no reason to reject the club’s offer because it is not a big loss. It could have been a much more beautiful parting had it been written to former director Seo, who was leaving such a generous heart. As in the case of Lassem, the team would not have been in such a mess if he had politely asked Seo to lead the players so that they would not be shaken until a new manager was appointed. So, I am more curious as to what the basis for IBK Industrial Bank’s selection criteria is.

Former director Seo Nam-won. Sports Donga DB

A team is a station where someone comes, stays, and leaves. Many encounters and farewells are repeated, but the difference between a good team and a bad team is how to say goodbye. The volleyball field is narrow. You never know when or where we will meet again. The same goes for foreign players and coaches. The image of the team that the people who leave pass on to those around them soon becomes the reputation of the volleyball world. In this regard, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has already made several mistakes. The departure of the three directors made everyone feel sad.

If you fire the director overnight, brand him as an incompetent and abusive person to his juniors, and then say that he is ignorant, that is a real insult. Although he will not speak of his achievements himself like anyone else, Seo has never received much criticism during his 20 years as a leader. I’m not the kind of person to be thrown away so rudely. This is why other team managers are pouring out their anger towards IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

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