IBK “Songhwa Retirement”… First victory under the Kim Sani regime

The women’s volleyball team, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, has decided to retire Jo Song-hwa, who caused a stir for leaving the team. He also succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by winning the first match under Kim Sani’s acting coaching system.

Byung-min Yoo.


IBK tried to ‘voluntarily terminate’ Jo Song-hwa, who left the team twice due to a quarrel with coach Seo Nam-won and caused a stir as a disciplinary measure, but did not know the changed regulations and applied for a voluntary termination without the player’s consent .

Song-hwa Cho refused to write the consent form and wanted to return to the team, but the situation was twisted, but the club said that there was no change in the position that it could not be with Song-hwa Jo, and virtually announced his departure.

In addition, coach Sani Kim, who was about to leave the team, was appointed as acting coach in place of the sacked manager Namwon Seo, which drew criticism from the volleyball community and fans.

[김사니/IBK기업은행 감독대행 : 조송화가 팀을 이탈했고, 감독님이 화가 많이 나셨고. 모든 선수와 스태프 앞에서 ‘네가 책임지고 나가라’고. 생각지 못한 입에 담을 수 없는 모욕과 그런 부분에서 ‘더는 지도할 수 있을까’ 판단해 제가 그만두겠다.]

In the first match under Kim Sani’s acting coaching system, IBK succeeded in reversing the mood.

With Kim Ha-kyung’s stable ball distribution as the starting setter instead of Jo Song-hwa, four players including Rasem, Kim Hee-jin, Pyo Seung-ju, and Kim Joo-hyang scored double-digits and defeated Heungkuk Life with a set score of 3-0.

In the men’s division, OK Financial Group defeated Woori Card and took the lead with three consecutive wins.


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