IBLONG Perfume Series Body Lotion, a new and attractive perfumed lotion with a luxurious scent that lasts, no matter what look you use.

Maybe the real charm isn’t just the good looks. but also means a good touch Especially body odor that shows how much we care about ourselves. Enhancing the charm with fragrant body odor is another great plant that is easy to win over people too. But if you really want to be perfect and flawless Lifestyle, dress and body odor must be related to make us look more attractive and attractive. For newbies who still don’t choose to use perfume. I don’t know which scent is right for me. Today we have techniques for choosing perfumes to suit each person’s lifestyle to leave each other.

big party girl The perfume chosen should be light, fresh, not too harsh that destroys your self-confidence. Introducing iBlanc Colorful party, a new cut perfume lotion. Suitable for the lifestyle of party girls in particular. The charm of this scent lies in its wonderful sweetness. It gives a feeling of freshness, but it also has a deep and attractive charm. When it comes time to check the ratings, there are no guarantees.

Women who want to improve their appearance to look fresh, clear, cute and curly. A good seductive perfume should give a sweet, fresh feeling in the body. I recommend Iblonk Snowy Freshy, a perfume that is absolutely perfect. about this scent It’s a scent that even the people around you can feel bright, cheerful, revived. by the smell of the perfume you use If you want to go back to your childhood again, you must try this scent.

A confident working woman with high taste. Everything must be perfect The clothes on my face must be perfect without stopping. snug every inch Introducing the Iblanc Power of the day perfume lotion. As well as a long-lasting fragrance It helps you feel clear all day. It is also a good helper to fuel energy and willingness to work. It also helps to improve your personality and confidence more as well.

Adventure girls, sports people, listen to this Body odor is very important. If you need to go out and do activities that require a lot of sweating. Should choose a perfume that has a unique smell, long lasting, good smell, that fights sweat well to survive Iblanc Fun Sport (Funny Sports) is another perfume that I recommend Because it is a perfume lotion that is designed for this particular group of young people. It has a fresh scent that doubles. super long lasting No matter how hard you do it, you can worry about it.

For a romantic, dreamy girl If you like your own look, looking sweet and magical, we recommend the perfume lotion, princess style, Iblanc, Sense of Love (Scent of Love) with the scent of Power of Love Perfume that smells fresh, sweet, bright and also hidden with gentleness and seduction, suitable for light activities or first dates that want to make an impression. and travel during the day

You can buy IBLONG Perfume Series Body Lotion, size 60 grams, price 89 baht, through online stores such as Shopee, Lazada and general stores in Bangkok. and other states Contact for more product information at https://www.facebook.com/iblancilove/ or through an official distributor, CP Consumer Products Co., Ltd.

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