Ice Apisada reveals the reason for the wedding ceremony ready to reveal his perspective on love


Open your heart to love completely for bad girl sab ice Apisada to talk in the showMarie left it for you to think.on the topicgive up the wedding Better than tears for married lifeby Ice has updated his life now that continuously support yourself still alive

Love now has some people coming in. have some (smile)”

As for the current news that is a woman who must be paired with the nobility. Ice said It’s a very boring question for us. This news has existed since entering the industry until today. As for being seen as a high-class toy that

There was a time when we said that And don’t you think he’s a toy for me? (smile)”

Which this question when I was young, we couldn’t answer it.He was the one who chose to flirt with us first. And we’re just people who see if they’re okay and like each other.

We say it’s normal for people in this era. If we don’t look at the world as beautiful We need people who can take care of themselves, and they need people who can take care of themselves as well.

We say that now we have to take good care of ourselves both. and select people with similar lifestyles

by our instincts We’ve never flirted with anyone before. We’ve never liked anyone before. must start from scratch There was a time when I was single

before tellingOne time, a friend told me to open IG, so I like whoever you like, click the specs. Because each fan can’t guess what they like.

We look and there is nothing. is to come in to flirt and then have something that makes us like

Some people in their lives who came to see the picture at first said no. But once inside, there is something that if we look deeply, there must be something spark. that we like

suddenly DM us Not coming to flirt Must be someone who is a friend of a friend or someone who can come to eat at the same table. cut off the hi-so story

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for past fans ice that If you count in your life, you already have a boyfriend. 6 person When asked if he broke up with everyone The young lady said

not to that extent That one looks beautiful. Most will talk There’s no breaking up and we hate each other. because everything has a reason is that you can really be friends with your ex

With the last person, we can be friends. Well, assuming you just broke up and become friends, it can be really hard. But now with time it’s been a long time. can be friends but not that Let’s eat together Where are you going? The word “friend” doesn’t mean that they are as close as they used to be. But we still have good friendships.

when Do people around us have the right to interfere in our love affairs? ice thatdo not have (long drag) We are not the people who know what and then quit. If you want to quit, it must be the day that we are ready. It’s off the day we decided it wasn’t anymore. not with emotion

about love for people to say we want to be dating is dating But if one day we want to quit Let’s talk no matter what. take yourself as the top of love

As for if we broke up, will there be no return? Ice is hard to say. because he used to live in a whirlpool back and forth But it is considered a good life story. But the point that made me decide that this one was discontinued is

we have our frame If he’s not like what he thought will feel that she is no longer Someone once asked me if I was unfaithful, would I quit? We can’t answer because we have both quit and never quit. If that person feels guilty then apologize. not sure

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It has to be seen if it’s worth it to forgive this person.

marriage ice Apisada say not a guarantee of love It’s not at all It’s just a day not into marriage If assuming we have to get married, we still think that if we have to stand have to smile put on a dress And while speaking, no one listens. is the person who saw how happy that day beautiful work get a good man I’m glad are adults Teenagers will have fun partying together. It’s the place to meet. It wasn’t much about the love of this couple.

As for marriage registration for married life ice I admit that in the past we were very important. I feel like he chose us. We respect each other. And one person said that it’s different than if people wouldn’t just get a divorce. even if you have a marriage certificate One day he will go, he will go anyway. Just go and sign the divorce.

Being registered means that no other woman can enter. This era is not or continue to say no I will not sign the divorce But he went anyway. he went with someone else One day, I was very happy. That is, nothing can guarantee love.

Don’t let age decide marriage. If today we choose this person because we think that we are old. assumed to be married and did not surviveFinding a new partner is harder than being single and getting married one day. Thai society is not yet open 100 percentage with divorced women

when asked Who crashes the wedding because you think like this?? ice answer thatyes That is, we see what the problem is. I don’t see it as this age. let’s go Let’s talk about it again There is a sense inside that..Seriously? If you go then go on If you are married, you must have a family. But if you’re still not sure can stop first We don’t have to hurry that much.

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The date of the decision to quit When I saw the problem..want to quit So what will people say? Become a woman, look unattractive people will curseover there

and then suddenly Then I thought, why not ask yourself if we’re going to continue because of other people’s voices or what? So listen to your own voice how to take it. Will you regret it? Looking ahead, what if, assuming this life, would never meet the man we thought we would want to marry again?

It is a life experience that is a turning point that makes us feel more incompleteness and love. If we were to grow up like this With this mindset, we might not make that decision.

We used to think that everything in life No matter how old we are from birth, we will not ask to change anything. I’m thankful today. Now we like this kind of life. if not there We may not be ourselves today.

Do you think the last express train is real?? “I was never afraid that there would be no one

If assuming this age He said he couldn’t have children. is one day if we focus on finding a husband The father of the child has a lot of it. If we cut this matter out, then let’s try to think carefully. If we’re not that bad Will we have no one by our side?

The love right now ice sayIt’s not yet to be revealed or anything to update. with experiencewe understand celebrities People don’t just scold the stars, why don’t you tell them? It’s still not really sure. Assuming that you will not survive People will change their girlfriend again? ask if you want to be in love do you want to get married It’s human I want everyone wants it

pity for singles pity for unmarried people but married people The back of the house was much more pitiful.


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