Ice Bath, a technique to relieve muscle soreness for athletes

Bath Ice Making is suitable for athletes who have used their bodies well. Some people try getting a massage and it doesn’t work. An ice bath can help. Benefits of an Ice Bath As well as helping to alleviate muscle pain injuries, so It also helps to sleep better, recover faster, reduce inflammation. Reduce migraine headaches including joint pain

But not everyone can do an Ice Bath because an Ice Bath has a very obvious side effect which is cold. The main risk group should not do it at all. is a person with heart disease or high blood pressure

According to research in 2010, ice baths to reduce core temperature (Ice Bath) reduce lactic acid in the blood more than normal recovery. All new athletes entering the field will need to be trained on ice. To help heal muscles that are torn from training or racing. During the first few minutes you may feel very cold to the point of numbness, but after a while the pain will gradually fade. Turning to treatment makes our body feel better.

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