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“Ice Cube” smart large screen can capture curling trajectory “interpretation” tactics

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From October 23 to 30, the “Meet in Beijing” 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Championship was held at the National Swimming Center. As the top priority of the test competition, the staff in each safety inspection link in the venue strictly implements the epidemic prevention measures. At the same time, “Ice Cube” has introduced 13 robots to be responsible for cleaning, disinfection, guidance, and epidemic prevention prompts, so as to help “Ice Cube” build artificial intelligence anti-epidemic barriers.

During the transformation from the “Water Cube” to the “Ice Cube”, a large number of high-tech applications have enabled the National Aquatics Center to simultaneously realize the gorgeous transformation from ordinary venues to “smart venues”.

Aspect 1

The robot can remotely measure temperature and deliver food

The short and chubby robot is called “Punben”, and it is a hardworking robot in “Ice Cube”. It patrols the venues back and forth, reminding those who are not wearing masks to wear masks, and can also perform remote temperature measurement and audience guidance. Once abnormalities are found, they will immediately take the initiative to communicate prompts and report to the management personnel; when they are resting, they also I will interact with you and explain the relevant knowledge of the Winter Olympics.

The long-necked robot is a disinfection robot, which can perform spray disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection. After setting the disinfection route and time, it can work by itself. The cleaning robot is red in appearance, and it has the functions of cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming.

In the closed loop, 5G food delivery robots are also used in food delivery services in some areas to minimize personnel contact. It uses 5G indoor multi-function cloud technology, fusion of 3D semantic maps, combined with multi-modal autonomous navigation such as lidar, ultrasound, camera, infrared sensor, and intelligent walking capabilities for obstacle avoidance, which can realize autonomous planning of paths, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and flexible completion Smart food delivery service.

Aspect 2

The big screen captures the curling track and draws the line in real time

It is 24 meters long and 7 meters wide, constantly capturing the game scene. On the “Ice Cube” arena, a newly added “giant” smart screen attracted the attention of invited media reporters, referees, athletes and others.

This large screen is about 170 square meters, which can display real-time images of the 4 base camps in real size, and while the athletes are throwing curling, the large screen will also draw a curve in real time. This is what the stadium team is testing and improving. “Curling trajectory capture” technology. This innovative application has many advantages such as enhancing the watching experience and assisting athletes in observation and judgment.

“The curling competition is known as the international’chess’ on ice. It is a dual contest of intelligence and physical strength, combined with skill and strategy.” Yang Qiyong, deputy director of logistics of the National Aquatics Center Stadium Operations Team, introduced that the trajectory of curling reflects the athletes. An important aspect of the competition strategy. With this large screen on site, it can not only show the audience the trajectory of curling, and help them interpret the curling movement, but also allow them to pay attention to the strategies and tactics of both sides while appreciating. “The large screen plays the role of a’folding space’. It can enrich the audience’s viewing angle and provide a basis for judges when implementing competition strategies.”

Yang Qiyong said that the current team leaders and coaches recognize the existence of the big screen. The data captured by the smart big screen and its analysis will also be provided to the team in the form of data analysis after the game.

Aspect 3

More than 4000 sensors monitor temperature and humidity in real time

During the transformation from the “Water Cube” to the “Ice Cube”, a large number of high-tech applications have enabled the National Aquatics Center to simultaneously realize the gorgeous transformation from ordinary venues to “smart venues”.

“Water-to-ice conversion” requires that the backstage equipment and control system of the stadium have the ability to switch with the function requirements of the stadium. In order to ensure that the indoor environmental conditions of the “Ice Cube” meet the requirements of the curling competition, the venue has set up a building equipment management system led by more than 4,000 sensors, which can monitor and control the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 concentration, etc. in the venue in real time. Variety.

Yang Qiyong introduced that the new large screen in the control room under the stadium is an intelligent building operation and maintenance management platform, which can display the operation status of the ice making system, dehumidification system, energy system, ticketing system, etc. in real time, and implement intelligence on the equipment systems of the stadium. Regulation. Visual energy management and control can also effectively control the energy consumption and carbon emissions of venues.

In addition to the control system, “IceCube” smart technology can be seen everywhere, such as a body temperature sensor with a Bluetooth system at the entrance. These machines can not only read and collect data without contact, but also provide intellectual support for venues to improve service efficiency through data management and utilization.

Aspect 4

Swipe the ID card to display the body temperature and health code status

“The body temperature is normal.” As soon as I walked to the temperature measurement area located at the west gate of the “Ice Cube”, a “Healthcare rapid detection machine” with the logo of China Unicom attracted the attention of reporters. This is the 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Championship. China, one of the 5G applications provided by China Unicom.

The health treasure rapid detection machine has two functions of body temperature measurement and verification of the health treasure. After passing through the temperature measurement area, personnel do not need to take out their mobile phones to scan codes. They only need to swipe their ID cards, medical insurance cards, and senior citizens’ cards on the machine to display their body temperature, whether they are registered or not, and the status of their health codes.

Chen Gang, the relevant person in charge of China Unicom, introduced that in this competition, China Unicom implemented a batch of 5G applications such as the “Meet in Beijing” test event service network and “Cloud Interview” for event services.

In order to provide 5G communication guarantee and network support for the “Meet in Beijing” test event, China Unicom provides 5G, WiFi and other Internet access in key areas such as mixed mining areas and media workshops. “Media friends can use more secure and stable The Internet will report on the event.” Chen Gang said.

The interview after the game is also realized by 5G communication guarantee. Reporters and athletes are located on different floors and areas, each facing a TV screen, and can complete post-match interviews with athletes through the transmission of 5G signals. Such “cloud interviews” not only respond to the special needs of the competition field under the epidemic prevention and control status, but also make use of the outstanding features of the 5G network such as high speed and low latency to efficiently ensure that the interviews between interviewees and reporters reach real-time transmission.

At the same time, China Unicom has also launched a smart command and dispatch system, providing public network intercom terminals and exclusive APPs for the operation team of the National Aquatics Center to fully support the operation support team, volunteer management, venue operations, medical rescue and other scene services. The reporter learned that there are 71 PUC walkie-talkies in the “Ice Cube” to realize communication between various fields. The staff can open the “Ice News” APP to conduct calls, videos and remote commands to meet the dispatching needs. The smart command and dispatch system can not only meet the dispatch needs in the stadium, but also support the call and visual needs of the operation team across the Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou competition areas.

Chen Gang introduced that this batch of 5G application services created by China Unicom will also be used in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, empowering the technological and smart Winter Olympics and demonstrating China’s technological strength.

Special 10-Special 11 Edition Written by Wu Wei, Chief Correspondent of Beijing News


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