Ichitan Joint Venture Predictive Prepare to Transform Business into Data Driven Company

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11 Jan. 2022 19:12

ICHI prepares to transform beverage business into Data Driven Company, acquires shares of “Predictive”, analyzes DATA, studies customer needs for use in marketing planning to respond knowingly

On January 11, 65, Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, President of Ichitan Group Public Company Limited or ICHI said that the Board of Directors’ meeting approved the investment in Predictive Company Limited or Predictive. Holding 25% stake, worth 122.6 million baht to support digital marketing by using Big Data as the heart of business driving Marketing analytics on consumer data powered by AI

Predictive is a leading company specializing in data tech, with good performance, a CAGR of approximately 30% in the past three years (2019-2021), and a proven track record in providing ranking analytics services. one of the technology industries in Thailand The goal of this joint venture with Ichitan will lead to expanding new opportunities by creating a Data Solution to respond to the growing digital trend with the future. and then bring the company to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the next 3 years

However, in the digital age, DATA is gold in the present and future world. Who has a lot will create an advantage in getting into the mind of the consumer. But having data alone is not enough. Must be proficient in implementing with Predictive will fill in from the collection of data. Planning to get the new data needed to be analyzed and create the right campaign

In addition, it will allow Ichitan to build a direct relationship with customers better and more efficiently. Use direct information from customers and consumers to develop products that meet new needs. better Design a marketing strategy that responds more accurately to consumers. And most importantly, it also manages marketing and advertising budgets more efficiently. This will benefit the operations and increase the competitive advantage of Ichitan.

“We believe in the arrival of Data Intelligent businesses that can thrive in the digital business world. The more data, the more stable the AI. As the AI ​​becomes more stable, predictive expertise in data analysis will continue to evolve. This creates an advantage for venture capital businesses that will continue to provide useful information services to other companies.”

At the same time, marketing Personalization are replacing mass marketing because of the diverse consumer lifestyles more unique With more individual needs, Ichitan Group hopes that this investment in the data business will provide opportunities to deepen access to the needs of each consumer segment. and can use the information obtained for analysis in order to offer products and services that precisely meet the needs

In addition, the entry of Predictive will create Ichitan Group’s own First Party Data storage strategy, reducing the weight of its reliance on Third Party Data from various social media platforms. This will make accurate data more efficient. as specific to each customer’s needs as possible

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