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‘Icon Tact’ Cho Young-gu confesses, “I’ve been’a lie of a lie’ for 13 years.”

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Broadcaster Cho Young-gu appears on’Icon Tact’ and throws a shocking confession that he has been doing’Lie of Lie’ for 13 years. In addition, the’cute square relationship’ formed by three boys around one cute girl is also revealed.

In the trailer for Channel A’s’Icon Tact’ aired on the 13th, Jo Young-gu, who visited the eye contact room, said, “In fact, for 13 years, I’ve been telling’a lie of a lie’,” and “I came here because I wanted to tell the truth.” As a result, MC Kang Ho-dong was surprised by saying “13 years?”, and a woman who knew nothing appeared across from Jo Young-gu.

Young-gu Jo, who sat in front of her, hesitated, saying, “I can’t speak,” and confessed, “It was all a lie.” However, the woman was embarrassed, saying, “What are you talking about?”, and when Jo Young-gu said, “That’s all a lie,” she said, “You can learn. How did you perform so well?”

However, when Jo Young-gu asked again, “But did you really believe?”, the woman fell silent with an unknown expression, and only sighed between the two. On the other hand, in another trailer, a girl of the same age in front of Nayeon, a smiling girl, was in front of him. The three people sat down and made a smile with a’affectionate offense’ at once. The boys said, “Don’t laugh a lot at other friends,” “What kind of friend do you think I am?”, and tried to captivate Nayeon by confessing “I love you” and “sweet world”. When the decisive question came up, Nayeon made a difficult expression, and the MCs said, “Isn’t it too fast? He said, “It’s love and war,” but he wondered about’Nayeon’s choice’, saying, “Each one has charms.”

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The’Lie of Lies’ that Jo Yeong-gu has been doing for 13 years, and Nayeon’s choice, which captured three boys, will be unveiled on’Icon Tact’, which airs at 9:20 pm on the same day.

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