Idaho's Mountain Soldier looking for buyer, investor

Three years after the last change of hands, the Sewage Mountain Ski Area is back on the market.

According to Diane McFerran, who holds the Idaho ski operation as well as her husband, Matt, Soldier is looking for a buyer or investor from the last fall through the East Coast broker. This week, the McFerrans decided to represent themselves and continue to seek business partners or prospects.

"We know a good soldier. We love the Soldier, and we can really talk to potential buyers about the potential of this mountain and its growth and the future," said Diane to the State in a telephone interview Wednesday. "I'm not sure that a person from the Eastern Coast that a Soldier could never answer those questions."

Diane said they want $ 800,000 for the venue.

The Oregon couple bought a Fairfield-field business in November 2015 for $ 149,000 at auction. According to its former representative website, McFerrans invested $ 600,000 of its own funds into the Soldier Service.

"It was very public during those auctions and the tender war sold (Soldier) for $ 149,000 four seasons ago," said Diane, "but it was not very priced to announce it."

Diane said that the auction price, such as snow equipment and grooming equipment, did not include crucial elements, and the infrastructure needed to run the option. The price requested for $ 800,000 would include all the upgrades made by McFerrans, including a magic carpet lift and Forest Service approval, which lets landowners for the Soldier, to crack down mountain biking and access to yurt along the years in the area.

"The price of the operation is turnkey," said Diane.

She said that a soldier must have some other additions to help him fully reach the potential.

"A very cool slope of a soldier in that things have been found for beginners and families," said Diane. "We need to go ahead with some snow and some summer operations, both of which are affordable."


Diane McFerran and her husband, Matt, bought a Sliabh Sliabh Saireaddiúir area in late 2015. "This community is blessed that they have come to a dream that comes together in our dreams," said the skiers of a long soldier soldier Jenny Koski.

Cripe Chadd

The McFerrans has offered his stay on the site as a new owner, and Diane continues to play her role as a manager of accommodation and Matt continues as a mountain manager.

"We think we are well connected to the public, and if we do not run on a day-to-day basis, we would like to stay happy," said Diane. "I know that we bought four seasons ago, which was common in other potential buyers. Most people wanted to buy it but not run it."

Diane said that many Idaho had indicated that they were traveling or buying the choice, and there were some interested buyers on Wednesdays on Wednesday.

"I see so much capacity for this mountain for a person with capital and resources more than Matt's and I have to put in this area," said Diane. "If anyone was able to proceed with all of our approved plans, it would be very beneficial for the mountain. I think the return would be there."

Opened the ski area in 1947 and actor Bruce Willis was owned. The McFerrans bought it from a profit that was set up to run the ski area, emerging from a group of around 100 interested buyers.


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