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▲ Treasure appearing in’Idol League’. Provide| STATV

[스포티비뉴스=장진리 기자] Sandara Park sends infinite affection to his agency’s junior Treasure.

Treasure will appear on the Star TV (STATV)’Idol League’, which airs at 8 pm on the 5th, and is in harmony with Sandara Park’s special love for her juniors.

Treasure appeared while two MCs, Sandara-bak and Seo Eun-kwang, continued their opening comments, boasting a fresh newcomer. In the happening where they can’t laugh, MC and senior idols Seo Eun-kwang and Sandara-bak welcomed the Treasure members with’Mom Smile’.

When YG’s idol group appeared, Seo Eun-gwang said to Sandara-bak, “It looks like honey is dripping from the snow,” and Sandara-bak said, “Aren’t they my younger brothers?” The Treasure members also responded with cheers to the words of Grand Senior Sandara Park, showing off their sticky loyalty.

Although it was a treasure trove of Sandara Park’s strong support, the process toward the full course of homemade burgers was difficult. He faced a crisis by failing one after another in the’Sejong the Great Challenge’ with a set of 3 side menus. When her beloved juniors are in crisis, Sandarabak boasted of her generosity, saying, “I am so sorry that I will give you additional missions. If you succeed, you can get a side menu” to help Treasure who missed a word at the last chance. Seo Eun-kwang said, “Isn’t your junior love too big?” and Sandara-bak said, “I’ll do well, how well I’ll do it.”

Sandara Park’s love for her juniors continued in the last mission’Ap. Jeong. Dan’ for the main menu, the homemade burger. Although all three opportunities were given away, Sandara Park shouted “Okay, Call!” to the charm of the Treasure members singing “One More Time”, and Seo Eun-gwang said, “I will give you another mission with the love of Mr. Moon.” Suggested a mini game.

Whether Treasure, who has received unlimited support from her management company’s senior Sandara Park, can succeed in homemade burger eating, it will be revealed on the’Idol League’ broadcast on STATV on the 5th at 8 pm.

STATV can be found on KT Olleh TV 89, SK Btv 137, and LG U+tv 99, and other platform channel numbers can be found on the official website.

Spotv News = Reporter Jang Jin-ri [email protected]

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